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3 ‘hidden gem’ Lake District pools among the UK’s best natural swimming spots



Wild swimming is a fantastic way to have a micro-adventure close to home. Even if the weather is rubbish, the benefits of cold-water immersion have been scientifically proven for many years.

Although now we’re in May, the water should be starting to warm up considerably.

Lakes, rivers and pools are abundant across Cumbria, but where are the hidden gems? The places best kept secret.

Well, now we can reveal them to you.

The 10 best natural swimming spots in the UK according to TikTok:

  1. Tongue Pot
  2. Blue Pool Bay
  3. Wasdale Fairy Pool
  4. Coniston Coppermines Waterfall
  5. Swgd Einion Gam
  6. Glencoe Waterfall
  7. Gairloch Beach
  8. Ashworth Valley Waterfall
  9. Three Shires Head
  10. Sharrah Pool

Tounge Pot, Lake District – 1,300,000 views

With “crystal clear waters”, this dog-friendly spot gets top marks from TikTokers. The Lake District’s wild swimming spot, Tongue Pot has 1.3 million views on TikTok, making it the most popular in the UK. 

Tongue Pot offers fantastic opportunities for diving as well as many small pools around. When visiting, it is recommended to park by the old telephone box at the bottom of Hardknott Pass, and don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful views on the way.

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Wasdale Fairy Pool, Lake District – 810,000 views

Also known as the ‘emerald’ pool thanks to its turquoise clearing of water amongst two waterfalls, this gorgeous secluded spot can be found in the Wasdale area of the Lake District. 

With over 810k views on TikTok, this location is the third-best swimming spot in the UK. 

To discover this hidden gem park up and head towards the Pyramid-shaped mountains, once you find the wooden footbridge you know you’re on the right path. 

Coniston Coppermines Waterfall, Lake District – 794,000 views

This secret turquoise waterfall is the perfect summer adventure for family and friends and with 794k views on TikTok, it certainly won’t disappoint.

What’s great about this location is there are many plunge pools on the way to the main waterfall which you can also bask in.

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