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Best stargazing spot in UK revealed, according to new study



Northumberland Dark Sky Park was declared the UK’s best stargazing place, according to photography retailer Jessops.

A Dark Sky Reserve is a protected area awarded by DarkSky International that restricts artificial light pollution to preserve the natural darkness and beauty of the sky. 

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In 2013, Northumberland National Park and most of Kielder Water and Forest Park became a Dark Sky Park.

Jessops compiled a list of the UK’s dark sky reserves and ranked the top 10 based on the number of stargazing events, viewing locations across the region and nearby accommodation.

With 20 observation points, 19 annual events, and plenty of stargazing-friendly accommodations, Northumberland Dark Sky Park claimed the top spot.

The park spans 572 square miles, and 96 per cent of it enjoys very low levels of light pollution, according to Go Stargazing.

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