It’s been a tough night for the Tories in the 2024 local elections

The Conservatives have had a tough night as results from yesterday’s massive local elections trickle in – and it may get worse over the course of the day.

Labour claimed a win in the only Westminster seat race taking place yesterday, in the former ‘red wall’ seat of Blackpool South.

A huge swing of 26% in the vote was recorded for the party and its candidate Chris Webb, while Reform UK took a close third place.

Several local councils, including Hartlepool, Thurrock, Rushmoor and Redditch, have also been won by Labour in what it hopes is a precursor to a general election victory later this year.

But it will be a while before any official results announcements are made in the high-profile mayoral races and others from votes across England and Wales.

Last night, figures from the Labour Party in London were nervous about what appeared to be a low turnout among voters in the capital.

Tories were said to be cautiously optimistic about their chances of beating Sadiq Khan and ending his hopes of achieving a historic third term in the office.

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