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Swansea Market spotlighted as one of UK’s top food markets



A recent study by Capital on Tap revealed that Swansea Market is one of the most popular food markets in the UK.

The study utilised social media and Google search data to determine popularity and visibility of food markets across the country.

Though the most popular market is Borough Market in London, Swansea was highlighted for its unique offering outside of the English capital.

It featured strongly alongside other markets such as Harewood House, St George’s Market and Mackie Mayor, all ranked among the top three most popular markets outside of London, with Swansea coming in 13th place overall, but top for Wales.

Swansea Market’s average monthly searches on social media came in at 2,900, with 5,468 Instagram posts and 73 TikTok posts.

According to the research, food markets are increasingly becoming popular for their affordable and authentic culinary experiences.

They offer notable opportunities for aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs in the food industry.

Kamilla Fernandes-Pickett, marketing and communications senior manager from Capital on Tap said: “Food markets can be invaluable for a new food business, offering exposure, customer interaction and networking opportunities.”

She further advised that assessing your location is essential when setting up a food market stall.

Practicalities like parking, overhead costs, and initial investments should be considered.

Networking with others in the business can also open up potential opportunities.

Ms Fernandes-Pickett added: “Get chatting, see what other people are doing, and watch out for any opportunities that come your way.

“The more you talk and the more people you meet, the better!”

The recognition of Swansea Market in the study underlines that the city is making its mark in the culinary world and provides a unique marketplace away from London’s food scene.

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