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Your love life might undergo a big transformation this May, says an astrologer



In a relationship: It’s time to get out of town, Virgot5r. You’re feeling the itch to travel, and if you can, you should. Scan for any last-minute flights for you and bae, or maybe just book a hotel nearby to shake things up a little bit, particularly around the new moon on the 7th. You’re craving the finer things in life, so splurge where you can on a swanky dinner or romantic night out. As the month progresses, you’ll be leaning into your homebody side and beautifying your space. With the fresh perspective of your getaway, you and your bae will feel recharged and refocused (and, importantly, connected) by the end of the month.

Single: Sometimes, you just need to book the flight, Virgo. If things have been feeling a bit blah lately, consider taking a solo retreat. If travel isn’t in the cards this May, try to just spend a night away in a relaxing environment where you can tune out the noise and really reconnect with yourself. After your period of reflection, you’ll feel more focused on who and what you desire in your love life. When you put in the work, you can expect results. So get out there, wear something that makes you feel like the hottie you are, and enjoy the spring!

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