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What June 2024 has in store for your star sign



Want to know what’s in store for your star sign for June 2024? It’s all in the stars. Here’s what our tarot reader predicts you can expect this month….

It’s very much a month of two distinct halves. Firstly, bright, bubbly, communicative Gemini season starts alongside Mercury and Venus in Gemini and a New Moon in Gemini on the 6th. It’s all about the shiny new baubles you can see around you, expanding your horizons, socialising, creating, collaborating, and living large and imaginatively, in an adventurous and exploratory way. Travel, invent, pitch, innovate, mingle, network.

And then, from the 20th June, we move into Cancer season, as well as the summer solstice. From outwards to inwards; this is about going from the external busy world to the quiet interior life and spirituality. Draw closer to home, seek solace and inspiration in those you trust, love, and can rely on. Celebrate family, friends, homely pleasures, and nature. A Full Moon in Capricorn (22nd) nudges you to work on your foundations – health, wealth, work, and home. Think about what needs repair, restoration, renewal, and reinvigoration in order for you to feel like you have firm foundations, a solid base, a good position in life.

Finally, Saturn heads into retrograde on the 30th (until November). Look again at any major decisions you’ve made in 2024, review the outcomes, and tweak what needs tweaking now it’s in full flow. Trust your instincts here. Lots to do this June!

June 2024 horoscope reading for each star sign


(Page of Swords, The Hierophant, Ace of Swords)

You’ve been thinking about joining something recently, maybe for some time, but you’ve talked yourself in and out of it, over and over. The Hierophant sees you yearning to contribute and become a part of something bigger and spiritually fulfilling, something you BELIEVE in. The Page of Swords is that on / off energy, or hot / cold thinking. It’s got you nowhere, so this June, sit down and come to a firm decision about your commitment and next step here. This could be about joining a class, charity, good cause, community project, gym, psychic circle, creative group… something you feel passion for. The Ace of Swords suggests you will join but you must know why you want to do this, so be honest about your purpose and reasoning. Know your own mind, your own will, and act.


taurus star sign horoscope

(Ace of Wands, The Chariot, Six of Cups)

A new beginning is brewing, Taurus, an important one which really fills you with purpose and energy. The Ace of Wands sees you striking up a new activity – possibly creative, travel-linked, educational, or associated with healthy living. Something authentically ‘you’ and inspiring.

The Chariot puts the emphasis on travel and movement. There are places you long to see and visit, and areas you wish to explore. What are you waiting for? The time will never be perfectly right… start fulfilling your desire for adventure NOW.

The Six of Cups asks you to look to your past (even childhood) for inspiration here. This will be something you once tried or longed to do, but never got chance, or did and it was over too soon. You can rekindle it, you can bring this dream back to life.


gemini star sign horoscope

(Nine of Coins, Seven of Wands, Queen of Cups)

Anything is possible with focus, intent, and commitment. You can move mountains, Gemini, because you have the imagination, vision, determination, and passion to make magic! Believe in yourself.

The Nine of Coins has you setting yourself a heartfelt and rewarding long-term goal (it could be related to home, health, wealth or work… or all four, knowing you). You realise this isn’t an overnight job and the Queen of Cups assures you that this is okay, you’re ready to make that commitment, and every step of the journey will bring rewards and positivity. This is a new way of life!

The Seven of Wands asks you to make a start in the coming month, and create a very robust two-month plan / strategy, so that you start strong, organised, and whole-heartedly. Make it a game, a contest, a target. Make it fun. You are going in the right direction.


cancer star sign horoscope

(Knight of Swords, The Devil, The World)

Come out fighting, Cancer. Stand up for yourself and your needs, desires, and rights. Make demands! Set boundaries! Challenge! The Knight of Swords brings you his assertiveness and power to help you rebalance the dynamics in your favour. The Devil asks you to not fall back on bad habits, paths of least resistance, passivity and acceptance of poor situations. Do not keep on taking it.

The World shows this is a real turning point in how you handle yourself and your relationships ongoing. The era of ‘okay then’ is over. The era of ‘what I need is…’ is beginning.

Once you treat yourself better and with more value, others will adapt their treatment too (or disappear and, frankly, good riddance). And you will then grow in self confidence even more, before starting to notice new goals and challenges you now feel you can overcome and achieve. Power to you!


leo star sign horoscope

(The High Priestess, Four of Cups, Nine of Cups)

Deep down, you know the reason for you recent ‘meh’ mood. The Four of Cups has you feeling restless but unsure why or where you want to go. Nothing really sparks your interest and you hate this malaise. The High Priestess asks you to look within, to your own feelings and trace their roots and triggers (rather than projecting this mood onto outside factors).

You have created this boredom and lack of interest. Why? What has worn out its welcome in your realm? What do you truly feel is ready for total renewal or reinvention? Something is…

The Nine of Cups invites you to spot the root cause and make a great change. Invest in a dream, a wish, a fantasy; the thing that really sets you alight. You run on passion. Rediscover it and pursue it.


virgo sstar sign horoscope

(Four of Cups, Five of Coins, Ace of Cups)

You endured a loss once-upon-a-time, with the grieving Five of Coins (it could mean this year, or even five years ago). The Four of Cups shows that whatever this loss was… it never truly healed or felt like you had replaced or restored whatever you found taken from you.
That’s about to change.

Enough time has passed that you have a new perspective on this event and can view it much more dispassionately. You might see a silver lining, a life lesson, an outcome you never attached to it.

Things happen for reasons, in their own pace and storyline. We can’t always see the full picture. I feel like you now will. The Ace of Cups brings complete renewal and rejuvenation to this life area too – new love, friendship, family members, pets, creativity, passionate roles or activities. You get another chance.


libra star sign horoscope

(Queen of Cups, Page of Cups, Eight of Wands)

You want to talk things through with people. You want to speak up about all sorts of stuff and let people know your true feelings, and then listen to what they have to say. This June is all about open, honest, fascinating, and useful communication. A two-way street (aim to listen more than you talk).

The Queen and Page of Cups help you to feel very in touch with and clear about your feelings. You are in control of them but can see that they need releasing, sharing, expressing to those impacted by them or who influence them most. Tell them what’s really going on! They want to hear it!

The Eight of Wands is the true and clear communication card and is with you all month long to help you say what you think in a good way that will land well. Make lots of space for people to respond to your ideas or insights. Take them seriously. Be compassionate. So much good can come of all this chat.


scorpio star sign horoscopepinterest

(Three of Coins, Eight of Swords, Ace of Wands)

You can be quite a suspicious star sign. Scorpios don’t trust easily (or at all, tbh) and you tend to keep people at arm’s length. It’s safer in space, right? The Three of Coins is pushing down that boundary though – someone you can trust is ready to be let in. Don’t be aloof or controlling. Open up and welcome them to your realm, without laying down a million rules or expectations.

The Eight of Swords and Ace of Wands reveal that this is a pivotal moment in your relationship history. Learning to let people in, let them be wholly themselves, and trusting that you’re okay to just live and let live… well, that is big stuff you to deal with. Take away the controls, the safety net, the barriers and just enjoy spending time with other people, listening to them and sharing experiences. You don’t have to protect yourself quite so carefully. Who they are is not a reflection on you. We are all very different. Live and let live.


sagittarius star sign horoscope

(The Fool, Ten of Wands, Two of Swords)

Some important decisions this June can (re)shape your whole lifestyle, priorities, schedule, and wellbeing score! And the key theme is ‘less is more’. The Two of Swords sees you cutting to the heart of things and making choices that release you from overwhelm and stress, and promote passionately felt interests and activities. A rebalance.

The Ten of Wands shows the underlying theme of this shift is about coming back from the edge of a burn out. You have felt fatigued and overwhelmed. You need to rebalance where your energy flows and how many demands you are answering. The Fool reveals this is a fresh beginning and you can activate new goals and ambitions (as well as shedding dead ones). This is a phoenix from the ashes month, a rebirth, and a wonderful new era.


everything to know about a capricorn and their traits

(The Wheel of Fortune, Knight of Cups, Page of Wands)

This card trio spell ‘F.U.N.’ to me so I guess your June is going to be a little bit messy – but a whole lot of good times and enjoyment, t00! And why not? The Wheel of Fortune is spinning, which means change is afoot. Opportunity from chaos. Learning from hardship. New pathways from tangled forests. Keep moving ahead, keep making choices, keep looking to the next step. You can go much further than you think is possible.

The Knight of Cups and Page of Wands are both ‘good time’ cards, so the whole month, even though transformative, will be fun and feel light-hearted. Go out, stay in, nest, rest, celebrate, party, play, and relax. Do all of your favourite things, it is summer after all, and summer is a time to reap what you’ve sown, celebrate your good fortunes, and toast others for their success. Be abundant and enjoy your June.


aquarius star sign horoscope

(Eight of Coins, Temperance, Five of Wands)

Life might ask a bit more of you this June, but not in a harsh or overwhelming way. It simply might suggest you change your mind, open your heart to something (or someone) new, or get to the bottom of what has been bothering you. Answer the questions, instead of continuing to ask them.

Temperance is the overall theme – a shift, a pivot point, a change of heart and mind, a rebalancing, a coming back to the centre or middle ground. It always feels GOOD to return to a more stable position. The Eight of Coins shows you think this will be ‘hard work’, perhaps that’s why it’s easier to remain rooted in a known position, but it won’t be. A breakthrough is coming along that will help you make the leaps and do the mental gymnastics. A trigger point.

The Five of Wands shows that it might start out negative, but ignore the drama or noise and get to the heart of it rather than pouring fuel on it. All in all, a very illuminating, enlightening and positive June!


pisces star sign horoscope

(King of Swords, Three of Cups, Seven of Swords)

In this summery, happy June, let your passions, pleasures, and priorities guide you – no matter what others think, say, or do. Serve yourself first, Pisces. The King of Swords and Three of Cups ask you, very earnestly, to take yourself and your enjoyment of your life seriously. People-pleasing will only hurt you in the end. Making sacrifices is noble but not when it’s always at your own expense and there is no reward, recognition, or reciprocation. Seek balance, even and fair dynamics. And, to tilt the scales, be more selfish, ’til they get the message that you’re not a pushover!

The Seven of Swords reveals you need to do this because there are other people who do take advantage and who don’t always play with your best interests at heart. Show them you can take care of yourself.

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