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Virgo Daily Horoscope



May 11, 2024

Even the most sensible Virgos are thinking outside the box this weekend as the moon cruises through Cancer and your inventive eleventh house. If you’re collaborating with others, you can keep everyone’s focus on future aims so they don’t get bogged down in today’s trivial matters. You’ll be inspired by hanging with people with cutting-edge ideas that dare to break new ground. Tech-based endeavors should thrive under these moonbeams, so get to work modernizing your website or shooting an avant-garde video. On Sunday, you’re up for an inclusive communal celebration even if you had previously planned to celebrate Mother’s Day with a core crew. If everyone involved is cool with it, go big and invite another family along or include some stragglers who don’t have relatives nearby. Maybe open up the theme to all kinds of maternal figures and caretakers so no one feels left out! Something low-maintenance like a potluck picnic could put everyone at ease. Make one of your mom’s or grandmother’s recipes to add a special touch.

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