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UK’s best staycation destination named as historic city



A staycation gives Britons the chance to explore a new area of the UK and avoid the cost of a flight.

But where are this year’s most popular destinations?

According to a survey by National Rail, the beautiful Isles of Scilly are the UK’s top bucket list destination.

However, Edinburgh took second place in the ranking making it the UK’s dream city break staycation.

The historic city has recently seen a surge of popularity after it featured in Netflix’s new One Day series.

Star-crossed lovers Emma and Dexter first meet while studying at Edinburgh University and the series shows off the city’s beauty at its best.

The National Museum of Scotland is Edinburgh’s top attraction on Tripadvisor and has a huge range of exhibits on design, science, art and technology.

The city’s iconic castle is its next best-rated attraction and offers a glimpse into Scotland’s royal history.

Emma and Dexter climb to the top of Arthur’s Seat in the first episode of One Day and tourists can easily do the same on a visit to Edinburgh.

The climb isn’t easy but it’s well worth it for the incredible city views from the top of the ancient volcano.

Don’t miss a stroll through Edinburgh Old Town or shopping for souvenirs on the city’s Royal Mile.

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