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TV debate reader verdict: ‘The BBC cannot hide its Left-wing agenda’



However, some readers were also critical of how the Leader of the House of Commons came across. Reader Jim Richardson argued she was “doing herself no favours by looking so offended when someone disagreed with her and looking like a cold fish the rest of the time.”

Meanwhile, Steven McDonough thought Mordaunt “was clearly under orders to just attack Rayner. 

“It’s made her look like a child throwing random tantrums when she keeps quiet for everyone else’s answers, including Nigel Farage as he tore chunks out of the Tories.”

‘Cynical bias’

Nevertheless, one of the leading topics of conversation among Telegraph readers was the lack of bias arguably shown by the BBC. 

“I know they always say audiences represent the voting public it seems yet again on this BBC model there’s a bunch of Lefties in the audience,” Paul Mickie said. “I can’t genuinely believe such a significant proportion clap the crazy over-population of the UK.”

This belief resonated with many readers. John Heaps, for example, reacted: “The BBC is showing incredible, constructed, cynical bias. It’s so appallingly obvious.”

An anonymous reader also weighed in: “The BBC has excelled itself, such obvious bias has demonstrated its inability, or unwillingness, to be fair-minded. 

They continued: “The audience was supposedly ‘carefully selected’, and in fact it was. Right-of-centre voters were not represented at all, which served to prove beyond doubt that the BBC cannot countenance anything other than its own Left-wing agenda.”

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