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Trump guilty – latest: Biden responds to Trump conviction – after US networks cut away when ex-president makes untrue claims about Congo and cars



A number of lies were told by Donald Trump throughout the news conference, prompting some US networks to cut away before it ended.

US correspondent Mark Stone notes lies such as a claim that criminals have been released from jail in the Republic of Congo and sent to the US. 

While TV networks in the US are partial, and some always repeat his statements, others threw back to the studio on this occasion.

“The likes of CNN and others came off his speech before the end. They have got to be able to present what he is saying but also counter the lies.”

On the claim about Congo and immigration, Stone says that, objectively, it is correct to say the southern border of the US is a “mess”, and it has got worse under Joe Biden, but beyond that “he is saying things that are simply false”.

“He said Congo is emptying its prisons and sending criminals to the US – and that is simply not true. Statements from the Congolese governments say it is absolutely baseless. 

“Experts on the DRC have said that fact is not true.”

Other untrue claims

Stone continues: “Trump says that the Democrats will ban cars. 

“Of course they won’t, what he will do is what plenty of governments around the world have said they want to do – increase taxes on petrol cars to persuade more people to drive electric cars. 

“He spoke about crime around the country being terrible. Yes, there is a crime problem in the US, but crime is actually coming down.

“This is all about perception and reality. I have spoken to many people around the country, in rural parts of Middle America that feel New York is a frightening ‘no go’ zone, but they have never been.

“They are feeding off what they are told by Donald Trump through news channels like FOX, News Max and others.”

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