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Tourist claims Europe’s top holiday destinations are ‘too crowded’ to enjoy



A tourist has taken to Reddit to express their shock at the tourist crowds in some of Europe’s top holiday destinations.

Reddit user ‘Addicted_2_tacos’ said they visited Europe in October, travelling to a mix of cities, towns and rural areas.

They said: “I was astounded at how crowded some cities were! I even overheard someone say ‘it feels like Disneyland’ and even in more off the beaten path towns you could not escape the crowds.

“I remember I visited a zoo in a remote town in the Netherlands and that aquarium was the first time in my life I could not see any fish or move because of how tightly packed it was. It wasn’t even a ‘nice’ zoo.

“But even if you went to natural areas, there were still so many people to the point it’s not enjoyable anymore. So much of nature is destroyed by hotels, walking paths and restaurants.”

Despite this, not everyone agreed with the tourist. Someone said: “Tourist trap areas are crowded. If you went to Mykonos or Santorini for idyllic vistas on secluded beaches, well… I don’t know what to tell you.

“I despise crowds and I barely even visit Athens apart from once a year to see friends. But I do go to a new place every summer within my crowd tolerances. You just have to ask around first. Preferably locals and not travel agencies.”

Another traveller suggested visiting outside of peak season and said they “love winter weather so visiting in the off season is great”.

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