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Top Tech Courses at Imperial College of London in 2024



Gain an in-depth understanding of the technical challenges of climate change and develop your solutions to them, from climate resilience to greenhouse gas reduction, across a wide range of sectors and contexts. Develop your skills as designers, innovators, and problem solvers, build your solutions, and get ready to bring real change to the world. This course provides you with an exceptional opportunity to interact with experienced professionals in the field of cleantech. You will have the opportunity to coordinate with people both within and outside of Imperial, to bring your innovative cleantech ideas to life and contribute in the domain of clean tech. The course includes both individual and group sections, across a range of modes including video, writing, inventions, prototyping, business planning, and more. This course is a collaboration between the Dyson School of Design Engineering and the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment. Through the Undaunted, an initiative by Grantham Institute’s innovation, students can learn about clean tech. Grantham Institute’s innovation initiative, Undaunted, supports The Greenhouse accelerator program.

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