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Top 10 baby names revealed – and it’s bad news for Prince Harry and Meghan



James Tucker, head of health analysis at the ONS, said Olivia has been the most popular girls’ name since 2016, with Amelia and Isla unchanged from their spots at second and third place since 2021. Olivia has consistently made the top three since 2006, and was the top girls’ name for every English region and Wales in 2022, except for London where Amelia was the most popular.

The only new entry into the top 10 for girls’ names is Isabella. Theodore, Theo and Freddie are three new entries for the top 10 boys’ names, replacing Harry, Archie, and Henry.

Harry is one of a handful of names which has been in the top 100 consistently since 1904. However, it has declined by 46.7 per cent since 2018, from 5,031 to 2,403. This was just ahead of the decline of William, which is down by 40.1 per cent, from 3,015 to 1,806. Its ranking at number 15 is the lowest it has been recorded since 1998.

Boys named Archie declined from 3,990 to 2,403 between 2021 and 2022, while those named Henry fell from 2,912 to 2,624.

And despite an initial boost in popularity in the name Meghan following the engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, it now marks the second biggest decline in names for baby girls, down 83 per cent, from 101 babies to 17.

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