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The perfect bacon sandwich: Breakfast expert reveals his simple secrets



A breakfast expert has said simplicity is the key to a perfect bacon sandwich.

Guise Bule, chairman of the English Breakfast Society, had a few basic tips for people to adopt when making a bacon sarnie.

Bread, butter and bacon should be used with no extras – but he added the bread should also come toasted, reported Mail Online.

He said: “(Britons) know exactly what a bacon sandwich is.

“It’s something that their mother used to make them with love and she used to make it the same way every time.

“Toasted white sliced bread, mildly salted English butter, and good old British back bacon. There is simply no substitute.”

His advice goes against the results of a recent poll by Hovis, however.

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The breadmaker said its poll of 2,000 people in April showed bacon, lettuce and tomato was Britain’s favourite sandwich.

The BLT beat the “humble chicken salad” into second, while the third favourite was tuna mayonnaise.

“Bacon, with crisp lettuce and a juicy slice of tomato, is officially the best sandwich combination, with as many as 28 per cent of Brits voting it the tastiest,” said Hovis.

“The BLT can be traced back to 1903, when the earliest mention of the ‘club style’ sandwich was mentioned in the Good Housekeeping Everyday cookbook.”

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