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Spectacular European road trip features the world’s best road



Is there anything better than a road trip? While Australia’s Great Ocean Road and the USA’s Route 66 might take some beating, one of the “world’s best roads” is much closer to the UK.

Romania’s Transfagarasan Highway is known as one of Europe’s most incredible road trip routes and its breathtaking beauty has made it famous.

Jeremy Clarkson once described the highway as one of the “world’s best roads” after attempting the route as part of a traditional Top Gear challenge.

The car enthusiast said: “From above it looks as if someone has used every great curve in every great track in the world to craft the perfect track: an unbroken grey ribbon of motoring perfection.”

It’s not for the fainthearted as the dizzyingly high route features some hairpin turns and it’s not possible to complete it during the winter due to snow. The route is expected to reopen in July 2024.

The route covers around 150km and runs from the village of Cartisoara to Bascov although many roadtrippers finish at Lake Vidraru rather than in Bascov.

The fairytale route has many tourist attractions along the way with the most popular being Lake Vidraru and its dam and Lake Balea. There are many hiking routes at Balea.

Tourists can enjoy a boat ride on Lake Vidraru or take out a kayak. Keep an eye on the road as Romania’s bears are a common sight on the road trip during spring and summer.

A tourist Vanesa S wrote on Tripadvisor: “I want to start by saying I’m very afraid of heights, but this experience was wonderful! We saw eight bears near Vidraru’s lake.”

‘Stephen S’ said: “Definitely worth the drive, the views are spectacular and the sense of being stunning.”

‘Tyler R’ said: “Such a wonderful road trip. Top Gear was right, it’s one of the most beautiful roads in the world. We even got to see a bear as we got there very early in the morning.”

Feeling tempted? The road can get very busy during the summer so it’s a good idea to make an early start. The road trip isn’t suitable for beginner drivers.

Drivers should have a full tank before attempting the route and bring some warm clothes as it tends to get chilly up in the mountains.

If you don’t feel like getting behind the wheel, there are many tour options for tourists who’d rather admire the views from the passenger seat.

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