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Sheffield business leaders urged to apply for top public sector roles



Business and commercial leaders based in Sheffield and surrounding areas have been urged to apply for senior public sector roles in a bid to increase regional representation on UK public boards.

Across over 300 public institutions, there is a wide variety of public appointment roles available, both at a local level, contributing to communities across the UK, and national roles, which guide renowned institutions like the NHS, the Met Office and the BBC .   

Across nearly 5,000 roles, the Government makes over 1,000 public appointments per year across a range of sectors, with new roles going live every week. 

Current roles on offer include: Non-Executive Board Member of HM Land Registry; Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration; and Member of the Engineering Biology Steering Group.

Public Appointments are typically part-time, requiring varying time commitments of just a few days a year to several days a month. Many can be undertaken from anywhere in the UK.

Over 200 local professionals signed up to an event hosted by the Cabinet Office and Sheffield City Council on Friday 15 March to learn about applying for these positions, which was attended by Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Minister of State. 

The event supports the Government’s Places for Growth programme, which aims to move 22,000 roles in the Civil Service out of London by 2030. 

This programme will bring jobs and investment to all parts of the UK, increase opportunities for people from a wider range of backgrounds, and help deliver public sector leadership that better reflects the country it serves. 

Speaking ahead of the event, Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office, said:

Public appointees get the chance to improve vital public services, get more involved with their communities, work with a wide range of talented people and make a difference to society. They are extremely rewarding roles and can help accelerate people’s careers. 

I am particularly keen to increase the number of successful candidates from across the UK including here in Yorkshire.

The skills and expertise here in Sheffield can be of huge value to the public sector, so I strongly encourage professionals in the area to consider applying for a position.


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