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Say hello to your love and sex horoscope for the weekend



What’s happening: Mercury is the star of the show this week! The planet of communication is conjunct Uranus, the planet of surprises, today. Then, on Sunday, Mercury links up with romantic Neptune. Mercury has been in stable, earthy Taurus for a while now, but it’s moving into Gemini on Monday, giving you a brighter perspective, a quicker wit, and an easier time connecting with others. Finally, Mercury hooks up with lucky Jupiter on Tuesday, and right afterwards, the Sun and Venus meet in Gemini and form a cazimi Venus.

What that means for your star sign


Sorry, but this weekend doesn’t look too promising. Work is busier and you have to stay focused, but things get easier once the week begins. Thanks to Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Tuesday is an amazing day if you’re single and ready to mingle. Not only are you more able to connect with others, but Jupiter is giving you a lovable vibe that people just can’t resist. Venus and the Sun also meet up in Gemini today, so you’re more likely to bump into someone cute, and if you’re already coupled up, it’s a great time to upgrade your relationship.


The stars are trying to push you out of your comfort zone this week, Taurus. Uranus in your sign is urging you to be bold and stand out this weekend. You could leave a very memorable first impression on someone new. Meanwhile, Neptune and Mercury are mingling and encouraging you to be more romantic. This astro isn’t super sexy, but it’s not not sexy. It’s more conducive to dates, meeting new potential partners, and getting romantic, but those things could all easily lead to a little fun in bed afterwards!


You’ve been dealing with lots of baggage lately, and I’m happy to report that you’re finally ready to dive into the future! Mercury enters your sign on Monday, joining the Sun and Venus, and this blend of planetary energy allows you to stand out and attract all sorts of attention! Venus enters the heart of the Sun in your sign on Tuesday, and it’s setting your love life ablaze. Sex is hotter, romance feels more meaningful, and all things related to love become more passionate. But you run the risk of burning out — being “too much” and not respecting others’ boundaries, neglecting your IRL responsibilities for fun with your partner, etc. Use this astro to play and have fun, but don’t neglect the stuff you gotta do.


This is a good weekend for hooking up. Unpredictable Uranus and Mercury are activating your chart’s social zone 11th House right now, and you’re bound to bump into brand-new people. The flighty nature of Uranus means that you’re not likely to find the LOYL, but you can still have a very fun fling! Uranus is the planet of all things new and eccentric, so it’s a really good time to try something new and kinky in bed, too. The fun comes to an end once the week begins, however, and Mercury joins Venus and the Sun in your 12th House. Your love life is slowing down a lot now, sorry!

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This week, I want you to think about your relationship goals. If you’re single, what kind of person do you want to be with, and what kind of relationship are you looking for? If you’re already with someone, are the two of you on the right track? What sort of future do you see for you two? Figure out what it is you want, because this week’s transits indicate that you’re having important conversations and experiences related to romance. You might meet someone new — so make sure you know what you want from a relationship before initiating anything with them. Your partner might want to talk about moving in together, or maybe even marriage — you need to know exactly how you feel about that before having that conversation. Figure it out.


Take this weekend to be a little more adventurous! If you’ve been looking for love with little success, why not get off the dating apps and go out somewhere fun? If you’re already coupled up, you’ll get tremendous satisfaction from trying new things with your partner, in and out of bed. This weekend is very light and fun, but if you’re trying to take your relationship more seriously, the astro in the middle of the week is helping you out. Tuesday’s cazimi Venus in your chart’s zone of status and reputation is the perfect time to establish or upgrade a relationship. If you love someone, tell them! If you want to be with someone, let them know! You can make major moves if you play your cards right.


This weekend has you in your feels. It’s easy for a tiny disagreement to blow up into a big fight right now, so try to keep a level head and be patient. That being said, once the week begins, all of the Gemini astro-weather is making you feel great! This astro is activating your chart’s most adventurous zone. Whether it’s getting with someone who’s not your usual type, going somewhere new for date night, or getting really kinky in bed, remember that variety is the spice of life.


Mercury bumping into Uranus this weekend activates your chart’s relationships zone, and all I can say is to stay on your toes. Uranus represents newness and revolution, but also chaos. If your relationship isn’t in good shape, fights can happen easily — or even a breakup. But if things are good with you and your partner, then expect a weekend full of pleasant surprises (and getting kinky in bed)! Dreamy Neptune is offering a helping hand later in the weekend, encouraging you to let your walls down and experience more romance with your person.

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Gemini season = cuffing season for your sign, and with Mercury entering the party in Gemini this week, your biggest focus is your relationship. This is an amazing time for relationship-building. If you’re single, meeting new people is easier, you’re quickly figuring out if you like their vibe, and you’re luckier when it comes to getting lucky! If you’re taken, this is a great time to get closer with your partner by going to new places, trying new things (in and out of bed), and getting to know them on a deeper level. If you have any big conversations or ‘defining the relationship’ questions to ask, wait until the cazimi Venus on Tuesday.


Your bedroom is on fire this weekend, Capricorn! Mercury and Uranus are mingling in the sexiest zone of your chart, and all of the sensual, earthy, Taurus energy in the stars is making life in the bedroom hotter and more fun! Then, Neptune in your chart’s communication zone on Sunday is helping you explore the romantic, emotional side of your relationship. It’s a great weekend for sure, but I have some bad news — once the week begins and Mercury enters Gemini, your job takes over your life.


This weekend isn’t the most exciting, but this week? Stellar. Mercury, the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter are all dancing around your chart’s 5th House, which governs romance, sex, and fun. People are more attracted to you, sex is even better, and romance feels more meaningful. Am I saying that your love life is magically going to become perfect? No. But I am saying that this astro is giving you the looks, the attitude, and the confidence to go out and create the love life you want for yourself!


This is a great weekend for flirting and fooling around. Go out, have a few drinks, chat with the abundance of hotties trying to get your number, and maybe take someone home for a little fun! If keeping it casual is your thing, then this weekend will be great. But as Mercury moves into Gemini and all of this astro-weather becomes condensed in your introverted 4th House, you notice that things become quieter as the week goes on. Your DMs are dry and your dating apps aren’t getting much action, but you’re actually okay with that — superficial flirting and playing just don’t do it for you anymore. Now’s a time to take it slow and (if you’re ready) start building a strong, serious relationship.

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