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Premier League title: Will Manchester City or Arsenal win?



According to Opta,, external Arsenal’s chances of winning the Premier League stand at just 16% while City remain favourites on 84%.

The Gunners would have had an 81% chance of winning the title if City had lost to Tottenham on Tuesday – and a 75% chance if that match had ended in a draw.

Simon Gleave, head of analysis at Nielsen’s Gracenote, gives Manchester City an 83.5% chance of lifting the title to Arsenal’s 16.5%.

Before Manchester City’s 2-0 win over Tottenham, City had a 60% chance to Arsenal’s 40%.

Gleave said: “Arsenal’s incredible run of 15 wins in 17 matches since the turn of the year would probably have been enough to win the league in most seasons ,but Manchester City have proven formidable title race opponents and have won 15 of their 18 matches over the same period.”

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