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Power plant destroyed by Russian strike as Ukraine has ran out of missiles – war live



UK has fasttracked the production of laser energy and radio waves weaponry

A lack of air defence missiles prevented Ukraine from thwarting a Russian missile attack last week that destroyed the biggest power plant in the region around the capital Kyiv, president Volodymyr Zelensky has said.

Mr Zelensky’s comments, which follow repeated warnings from his government to its allies about scarce air defences, reflect the dire situation Ukraine finds itself in as Russia scales up strikes on its energy system.

“There were 11 missiles flying. We destroyed the first seven, and four (remaining) destroyed Trypillia. Why? Because there were zero missiles. We ran out of missiles to defend Trypillia,” he said in the interview with PBS.

The Ukraine president previously warned that Ukraine has already had to make tough choices about what to protect and said his country could run out of defensive missiles entirely if Russian attacks continued apace.


37,000 Ukrainians missing – ombudsman

Some 37,000 Ukrainians have been registered missing since Russia’s invasion in February 2022, the chief ombudsman has said.

The figure includes civilians, children, and military personnel. About 1,700 people have been illegally detained by Russia, Dmytro Lubinets said, speaking at an event in Kyiv on Tuesday.

Mr Lubinets added that his office was doing everything it could to return the missing and abducted civilians, the Kyiv independent reported.

“Based on an initiative of our office, Ukraine has established an international platform for the release of civilians illegally detained by Russia,” he said.

Matt Mathers16 April 2024 16:10


US ambassador to Japan says boosting arms industry ties is key to a stronger security alliance

The US ambassador to Japan urged Tokyo on Tuesday to take a greater role in developing, producing and supplying weapons “to enhance our collective security” amid conflict in Ukraine, Gaza and elsewhere.

Ambassador Rahm Emanuel visited a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ F-35 fighter jet factory and stressed the importance of stronger defense industry cooperation between the allies. The United States alone can no longer supply all democracies, he said.

Matt Mathers16 April 2024 15:50


Russia arrests man over car bombing of double agent in Moscow

Russia’s FSB security service said on Tuesday it had detained a man it claimed had tried to kill an ex-employee of Ukraine’s main security service in Moscow last week with a car bomb on Kyiv’s orders.

A powerful explosion ripped through a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado belonging to Vasily Prozorov, a former Lieutenant-Colonel in Ukraine’s SBU security service, on 12 April, leaving Prozorov with wounds to his legs and arms.

Prozorov, who now lives in Russia, had told Russian state news agency RIA how he used his SBU position in Ukraine to pass sensitive information to Russian intelligence agencies from 2014 onwards for ideological reasons.

There was no immediate comment from Ukraine on Tuesday.

Matt Mathers16 April 2024 15:30


Editorial: The Homes for Ukraine scheme is bold and right but must be better run

One of the good decisions made by Michael Gove, who as housing and communities secretary was responsible for the Homes for Ukraine scheme when it was set up two years ago, was to allow the project to be driven from the bottom up.

The scheme was an expression of solidarity from the British people to the Ukrainian people, and the role of the British government, as Mr Gove saw it, was to enable and support it – but mainly to get out of the way.

Read the full editorial below:

Matt Mathers16 April 2024 15:10


ICYMI: US citizen who was arrested in Moscow on drug charges appears in court

A US citizen arrested on drug charges in Moscow amid soaring Russia-US tensions over Ukraine appeared in court on Monday.

Robert Woodland Romanov is facing charges of trafficking large amounts of illegal drugs as part of an organized group — a criminal offense punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

He was remanded into custody in January, and the trial began in the Ostankino District Court in late March. A new court hearing is scheduled for next week.

Matt Mathers16 April 2024 14:45


15 Ukrainian civilians injured in Russian airstrike in Kherson

Some 15 Ukrainian civilians have been injured in a Russian airstrike on the city of Beryslav in the Kherson Oblast region.

The region’s prosecutor’s office said the 15 suffered concussions following a strike that damaged residential buildings, shops, a pharmacy and other buildings at around 11:30 local time.

All 15 received medical treatment at the scene.

Matt Mathers16 April 2024 14:29


Zelensky signs new army mobilization law

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky signed into law a bill overhauling army mobilization rules, according to the parliamentary website.

The law will come into force a month after it is officially published.

It obliges men to update their draft data with the authorities, boosts payments to those who volunteer, and adds new punishment for draft dodging.

Volodymyr Zelensky (AFP via Getty Images)

Matt Mathers16 April 2024 14:00


Germany’s Scholz: I asked China’s Xi to pressure Russia to stop war

German chancellor Olaf Scholz on Tuesday said he had asked Chinese president Xi Jinping to exert influence over Russia to end the war in Ukraine, adding that both leaders rejected attacks on nuclear facilities.

Speaking on the final day of his trip to China, Scholz also said China had agreed to open up beef and apple imports from Germany and facilitate pork imports.

Speaking on economic issues, Scholz said Europe wanted to reduce risks, intensify existing contacts and build new ones.

Germany’s Scholz: I asked China’s Xi to pressure Russia to stop war (AP)

Matt Mathers16 April 2024 13:45


Russian blogger Ivleeva accused of ‘discrediting’ Russian army – court

Russian blogger Anastasia Ivleeva, the organiser of a “Nearly Naked” party that caused a major scandal, has been charged with discrediting the Russian army, according to the Moscow court service.

Ivleeva has been charged with an administrative offence, which could lead to a fine, and the hearing has been set for 25 April, the court service said.

Anastasia Ivleeva (via REUTERS)

Matt Mathers16 April 2024 13:30


US house speaker says spending bills, including sanctions, to come Tuesday

US house speaker Mike Johnson said spending legislation will be released later on Tuesday, as the house prepares to vote on four separate measures providing aid to Israel and Ukraine.

One of the bills will also include additional sanctions on Russia and Iran, Johnson told Fox News in an interview, and lawmakers are trying to include provisions to secure the US border.

Matt Mathers16 April 2024 13:09

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