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Politics latest news: Humza Yousaf to resign at midday



Rumours are swirling around that former deputy first minister John Swinney is being lobbied to take over from Humza Yousaf until the 2026 Holyrood election, writes Simon Johnson, The Telegraph’s Scottish political editor.

Insiders argue that Mr Swinney, an SNP grandee who is hugely respected and liked, is better placed to see the party through this period of crisis than any of the other potential replacements.

He could hand over the reins after the 2026 election, they say, a delay that would give SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn time to get a seat at Holyrood.

However, Mr Flynn has been blamed in recent days for being one of the main architects of the crisis that has precipitated Mr Yousaf’s expected resignation.

Mr Flynn is seeking to hold his Aberdeen South seat in the forthcoming general election, which contains thousands of North Sea oil and gas workers.

He was extremely keen to get rid of the Greens and travelled to Holyrood last Wednesday for talks with the First Minister. Mr Yousaf held his ill-fated press conference to announce he was ditching the Greens the following day.

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