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Nostalgic 80’s Arcade Voted UK Favorite



Step into the Past with Mortal Kombat at Blackpool’s Retro Arcade. (Image: Tennessee Witney / Alamy)

An amusement arcade that now boasts some of the biggest hit games of the 1980’s, bringing a touch of nostalgia for Generation X and something new for Gen Z, has been voted as one of the UK’s most popular. 

The arcade has over 200 games to play, including 80’s classics like Super Mario Brothers and Pac-Man. It offers those of a certain age a trip down memory lane to their childhood while keeping their children entertained with something new to them that Mum and Dad can share their knowledge of how to play the oldies but goldies.

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Two years ago, Arcade Club Blackpool opened on Bloomfield Road and has now won the accolade of being the fifth most popular gaming arcade in the UK. Not a bad result for a venue that has been running for such a short time. Vegas Slots Online presented the prize. 

The stats speak for themselves and impress the people responsible for researching the best gaming arcades. 

The stats included: 

  • average time of three hours in the arcade 
  • 4,400 monthly searches for the arcade on Google 
  • average enjoyment score of 7.4/10 

Spoilt For Choice When it Comes to Games

Games available to play at the arcade include: 

  • Double Dragon 
  • Street Fighter 
  •  Outrun 
  •  Point Blank 
  •  R-Type 
  •  Golden Axe 
  •  Super Mario Bros 
  •  Donkey Kong 
  •  Mortal Kombat 

There is a call to the 80’s gaming generation, who were probably at the forefront of gaming in the UK, but the arcade also provides opportunities to play modern classics such as: 

  •  Guitar Hero
  •  House of the Dead
  •  Luigi’s Mansion

A family has been operating the arcade for 50 years, and both customers and industry experts have praised them. 

Admission prices vary but when you have paid, all games inside are free to play.

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