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Infected blood victims ‘betrayed’ by cover-up as hepatitis C test warning issued



Infected blood scandal greatest injustice country has seen, claims Andy Burnham

Victims of the infected blood scandal feel “betrayed” after politicians, doctors and civil servants carried out a chilling and pervasive cover-up, a damning inquiry has found.

Tens of thousands of people were avoidably infected with HIV and Hepatitis in the worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS, which led to the deaths of around 3,000 people.

A 2,527-page report released on Monday into the shameful scandal found the public was falsely reassured, children were treated unnecessarily and that a significant number of people remain undiagnosed after receiving blood transfusions in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Some patients were “betrayed” because tests were carried out on them without their knowledge or consent.

One of the report’s key recommendations was that anyone who had received a blood transfusion before 1996 be urgently offered a test for Hepatitis C.

The NHS was also accused of defensive closing of ranks and that there had been a deliberate destruction of documents, including people’s medical records.

John Glen, the Cabinet Office minister dealing with the scandal on behalf of the government, has refused to rule out criminal proceedings for those involved.

A compensation package for victims worth more than £10billion is expected to be announced by ministers while, Rishi Sunak is set to apologise on behalf of the government.


Speaking to an audience at Central Hall in Westminister, the chair of the infected blood inquiry said “dreams and ambitions” of victims “have been lost”.

Sir Brian Langstaff said: “It really takes a person who has lived and is living with them to describe them in a way which brings home the horror that has happened.

He added: “People put their faith in doctors and in the government to keep them safe and their trust was betrayed.”

Athena Stavrou20 May 2024 14:14


Infected blood inquiry chair speaking on finding

The chair of the infected blood inquiry is currently delivering a speech on the findings of the report.

Sir Brian Langstaff began his speech by inviting the audience to give a wide round of applause to all those involved in the report.

Athena Stavrou20 May 2024 14:07


In pictures: Victims and loved ones gather outside inquiry

Athena Stavrou20 May 2024 13:56


Watch live: Infected blood campaigners react to final report into scandal

Watch live as infected blood scandal campaigners react to an inquiry’s findings that politicians, doctors, and civil servants were involved in a chilling cover-up of the worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS:

Athena Stavrou20 May 2024 13:54


Government’s sluggish work on redress perpetuated harm to blood victims – report

Rishi Sunak’s Government has compounded the suffering of the victims of the infected blood scandal with the “sluggish pace” and lack of transparency on compensation, an inquiry into the disaster in the NHS has found.

The Prime Minister’s insistence on waiting for the conclusion of the Infected Blood Inquiry before making a final decision on redress has “perpetuated the injustice for victims”, its chairman, Sir Brian Langstaff, said in his final report.

He criticised the “litany of failures” by successive governments from the early 1970s, with no action taken even as it became known that the collection of blood from prisons led to an increased risk of hepatitis transmission.

Read the full report here:

Holly Evans20 May 2024 13:47


Victims finally have answers in ‘black and white’, says charity

Rachel Halford, CEO of The Hepatitis C Trust, said: “Today’s report represents six years of concerted effort by Sir Brian Langstaff and the Inquiry team to uncover the truth about the cause of the contaminated blood scandal.

“After decades of relentless campaigning, this community finally has answers in black and white. Systemic, collective and individual failings and cover-ups have led to one of the gravest disasters this country has ever seen.

“Among its shocking findings, the report has brought to light evidence that much more could have been done to prevent hepatitis C and HIV infections from blood and blood products, and to help those infected.

But far beyond these failings, it makes clear that people – including many children – were deliberately given deadly viruses, treated as “objects for research”.

She called for the government to take responsibility and to stop its delays for compensation.

The Infected Blood Inquiry report has shown ‘systemic, collective and individual failings’ (Aaron Chown/PA) (PA Wire)

Holly Evans20 May 2024 13:44


Key findings from damning final report

More than 30,000 people were given “life-shattering” infections of HIV and hepatitis via the blood products, most of which “could and should have been avoided”, the report released on Monday concluded.

Read the full article from Tara Cobham here:

Holly Evans20 May 2024 13:34


Anyone who had blood transfusion before 1996 should take Hepatitis C test

One of the key recommendations made by Sir Brian Langstaff in his report is that anyone who received a blood transfusion before 1996 should urgently be offered a test for Hepatitis C.

The virus affects your liver and can often show no symptoms, but can be very serious if left untreated.

Holly Evans20 May 2024 13:31


Victims call for doctors to be prosecuted with manslaughter

A group of victims of the infected blood scandal have called for doctors involved in the scandal to be prosecuted with gross negligence manslaughter.

They said: “Those people should have been in the dock.”

However, more than half a century after the first contaminated blood was transferred in 1970, they said the decades-long delay for a public inquiry to conclude means “so many people will not see justice”.

Andy Evans, chairman of the Tainted Blood campaign group, added: “This has gone on for so long now that people that were around at the time will be very hard to track down if they’re even still alive.”

The delay “really is in this case, justice denied,” he said.

Holly Evans20 May 2024 13:16


Victims demand Ken Clarke apologises for ‘absolutely appalling’ behaviour

The victims of the contaminated blood scandal have demanded former health secretary Ken Clarke apologises for his “absolutely appalling” behaviour towards the hemophiliac community.

Speaking to reporters after the publication of an inquiry’s damning report into the scandal, the group of victims also said Lord Clarke showed “disdain for the inquiry itself and its process” when he gave evidence.

Former health secretary Ken Clarke giving evidence to the inquiry in 2021 (PA)

Tara Cobham 20 May 2024 13:13

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