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Hello, your love and sex horoscope for the weekend is here



What’s happening: We’re fresh off the heels of a solar eclipse, and Mercury is still retrograde. The Moon is in social Gemini tonight, and then on Saturday afternoon, it enters Cancer. On Sunday, the Moon squares off with Venus, amplifying your desire to love and be loved, before harmonising with Saturn and Mars, giving you patience, motivation, and stamina. Then, it enters flashy Leo on Monday evening. On Wednesday, Venus meets up with the North Node, which has very big “I do!” energy. Finally, the Moon slides into dutiful Virgo on Thursday.

What that means for your star sign


The Gemini Moon tonight is making you feel even more extroverted and chatty than usual, so going out to find someone to hook up with is a total breeze. Your weekend starts off with lots of potential for excitement, but the Moon moving into Cancer on Saturday afternoon brings things to a halt. Flings and hookups become less appealing, and you’re more in the mood for romance. Make yourself look real nice on Wednesday and go out to find someone sexy — the astro in your chart says that this is a time where you’re much more likely to meet a new potential partner!


This is a great weekend for flirting, meeting your next crush, or just being social. But at the same time, your mind keeps getting drawn back to memories of an ex — or maybe this ex is even coming around again. Instead of lingering on thoughts of what could have been, I suggest you keep it moving. If you have to deal with an ex right now, make it quick and to-the-point. Once you clear them out of the way, there will be plenty of room in your life for new, better love.


The Moon in your sign is making you more emotional tonight. This can be great for letting your walls down, connecting deeply with someone, and sharing romantic feelings, but if you’re single, you’re feeling especially lonely. Instead of being mopey and sad, why not do something about it? The astro on Wednesday is downright magical in your chart, suggesting that a new potential lover is coming your way — you just have to find them and shoot your shot! I’m not saying that you’re going to be partnered up or get hitched by the end of the week, but you are pretty likely to find yourself a new special someone.


You’re having a slow start to your weekend because the airy Gemini Moon does not mesh well with your water sign vibes. But once the Moon enters your sign tomorrow, you’re feeling more like yourself again. This weekend, you should leave your comfort zone. Get out of your shell! If you like someone, tell them. If you love someone, let them know. Be more open up to letting others show you love, too. Don’t turn away from your partner when they reach to hold your hand or try to give you a little kiss — as long as you two aren’t straight up making out in public, then it’s not cringe, it’s cute!


If you’re in the mood, the social Gemini Moon tonight is great for helping you flirt and find someone sexy to fool around with! Try to get some action in tonight, because the Cancer Moon really rains on your parade for the rest of the weekend. This week, try something (or someone) new. Love should be fun and exciting, and you’ve been stuck in the same routine for too long. Whether it’s buying new toys or lingerie, getting kinky, or linking up with someone who’s not your usual type, any kind of variety in your love life is a really good thing.


You’re on the hunt for some action this weekend, Virgo. Now, I know that you’re feeling steamy, but you shouldn’t settle for someone who isn’t worth your time just to get your rocks off. Don’t just fling yourself at the first person that winks at you or buys you a drink before evaluating them for red flags. Peruse your options, chat with them a little, scope them out, and then you can go back to their place for some fun. There are players and manipulators out here who would take advantage of you, so be discerning.


Venus meets up with the North Node in your chart’s relationships zone on Wednesday, and this is a transit that promises to initiate major change. If you’re single, you could meet someone new who you instantly fall for. If you’re with someone already, this transit could be the precursor to you defining the relationship, moving in together, or even talking about marriage. What are your relationship goals, and how can you set into motion a plan that can help you achieve them? This week, you’re finding out.


Bad news, buddy. This week isn’t the most exciting for your love life. Venus, the planet of love, is in the part of your chart related to busy work, so being with your partner or trying to date might feel like a chore right now. This transit can be a real bummer because it highlights some of the ways that you’re failing to maintain your relationship. Instead of getting annoyed or fed up with the problems you’re focusing on, use this transit as motivation to fix things. How can you change your approach? How can you treat your partner better? How will you make your love life run more smoothly?


The Moon in Gemini tonight activates your chart’s relationships zone, so whether it’s a date, a hook up, or quality time with your match, any time with another person is time well spent. You’re independent and don’t like to lean on others, but the Cancer Moon has you feeling more needy. It’s okay to ask for help — you need support, and your partner is there to provide it. The astro with Venus and the North Node occurs in your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, and this bodes very well for your love life. There could mean a new connection with an immediate spark of attraction, an important conversation with your partner, or another upgrade to your relationship.


Unfortunately, this is not the sexiest horoscope for you, Capricorn. On the bright side, this week’s astrology is helping you open up and work on the romantic, emotional front of your relationship. You’re a little desperate for attention right now, and you’re much more emotional. Letting your walls down is tough, but this is a good time to be vulnerable with your partner. Let your feelings out. Your partner is eager to hear what you have to say. Deep conversations and meaningful experiences are happening, and your relationship is becoming more stable.


Tonight’s Gemini Moon activates your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, so it’s easier to find a hook up, and sex feels even better. The rest of the weekend, however? Work takes over. Your schedule clears up once the Moon enters Leo, your chart’s relationships zone, on Monday. Then, you finally have some time to go out, flirt, and date. If there are any important conversations you need to have with your partner, start the discussion on Wednesday. Just don’t make any set-in-stone decisions until Mercury Retrograde is over.


It looks like you’re having a quiet evening at home tonight, but once the Moon enters Cancer on Saturday afternoon, things get way more exciting! This transit activates the sexiest, most fun part of your chart, plus it heightens both your confidence and your sex drive. Mars and Saturn in your sign are boosting your libido and giving you extra stamina so you can last longer and have way more fun in bed this weekend. Enjoy!

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