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Hamas claims British-Israeli hostage has died as IDF orders new evacuation – live



Netanyahu says Israel has ‘no choice’ but to destroy Hamas-.mp4

Israel ordered new evacuations in Gaza’s southern city of Rafah on Saturday, forcing tens of thousands more people to leave as it prepared to expand its military operation deeper into what is considered Gaza’s last refuge.

As pro-Palestinian protests continued against the war, Israel’s military also said it was moving into an area of devastated northern Gaza where it asserted that the Hamas militant group has regrouped after seven months of fighting.

Israel has now evacuated the eastern third of Rafah, and top military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said dozens of militants had been killed there as “targeted operations continued.”

The United Nations has warned that the planned full-scale Rafah invasion would further cripple humanitarian operations and cause a surge in civilian deaths.

Louise Wateridge, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) communications officer, who is based in Rafah, told The Independent that the lack of food is “sending panic” around the region.

“People are aware that the border crossings are not functioning, they are aware that aid is not coming in, that in itself is going to send panic around the community, because already they are fighting for survival every day,” she said.


Doctors Without Borders stops work in Rafah

Following the Israeli military’s latest evacuation order in Rafah, medical charity Doctors Without Borders has stopped its work at the Indonesian Hospital.

The group said it must relocate 22 patients to other health facilities because “we can no longer guarantee their safety”.

Alex Ross12 May 2024 06:00


Eurovision controversy

The Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night was mired in controversy surrounding the participation of Israel’s Eden Golan, and a large group of demonstrators were outside Malmo Arena as the acts performed.

There was a mixed reaction for the 20-year-old singer from the 9,000 people at the arena in Malmö, Sweden, as both boos and cheers were heard in the crowd.

Alex Ross12 May 2024 04:00


Chances of a ceasefire and protests

Another round of cease-fire talks in Cairo ended earlier this week without a breakthrough, after Israel rejected a deal that Hamas said it accepted. Tens of thousands of people attended the latest anti-government protest in Israel on Saturday evening amid growing pressure on Netanyahu to make a deal. “I think the (Rafah) operation is not meant for the hostages and not meant for killing the Hamas, it’s meant for just for one thing, save the government,” protester Kobi Itzhaki said.

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Pictures of the evacuation in Gaza

Displaced Palestinians prepare to leave with their belongings (EPA)
Palestinians arrive to Khan Younis after leaving Rafah following an evacuation order issued by the Israeli army (EPA)

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Statement from Israel’s Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari

On Saturday night, with many Palestinians ordered to leave thier homes in Gaza, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari issued a statement on his country’s offensive.

He said in the northern Jabalia city, with people being evacuated, fighter jets had struck targets across the area.

In the Zeitoun area, he said troops had killed around 30 “terrorists” and located dozens of weapons in a school.

In the south, in eastern Rafah, “terrorist infrastructure” had been targeted.

“Even at this hour, every fighter and commander on the battlefield envisions the hostages, sees them, thinks of them, and fights to bring them home, “ he said.

“There are 132 hostages still held in captivity in Gaza. It is the duty of the IDF and all security organizations to ensure their quick return home.”

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Hamas claims British hostage has died as Israel orders new evacuations of Rafah

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Protest in Tel Aviv

A protestor calling for hostages to be returned in a deal near Begin Gate in Tel Aviv under the spray from a police water canon (Amir Yaacobi)

Alex Ross11 May 2024 21:16


Rafah’s hospitals overwhelmed while food and fuel run out as Israel steps up bombardment

The few remaining hospitals in Rafah are at 250 per cent capacity, while food and fuel are running out, the United Nations has warned, as heavy fighting between Israeli troops and Palestinian militants moves towards the centre of Gaza’s border city.

Crucial aid crossings remain inaccessible, meaning supplies of food, medicines, tents and blankets are dwindling. The World Food Programme will run out of food for distribution in southern Gaza by Saturday and there are no tents, blankets or bedding to set up new locations for displaced people, said Georgios Petropoulos, an official with the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Rafah.

Tom Watling11 May 2024 21:00


Here are some of the latest photos from Gaza

Below are some of the latest photos from Gaza.

A woman and boy walk with belongings past barbed-wire fences as they flee from Rafah (AFP via Getty Images)
Tent encampments housing displaced Palestinians can be seen in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip by the border fence with Egypt (AFP via Getty Images)
A boy sits on the hood of a vehicle loaded with belongings as members of a Palestinian family flee bound for Khan Yunis (AFP via Getty Images)

Tom Watling11 May 2024 20:30


Ground attack would be irresponsible – German chancellor

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Saturday that a ground attack on Gaza’s southern city of Rafah by Israel would be irresponsible and lead to a massive loss of civilian lives.

“We think an offensive on Rafah would be irresponsible. We warn against it,” Scholz said at a webcast event organised by German newspaper group RND.

“We don’t believe that there is any approach that would not lead in the end to incredible loss of human life of innocent civilians,” Scholz said, adding that he had told this to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Despite heavy US pressure and alarm expressed by residents and humanitarian groups, Israel has said it will proceed with an incursion into Rafah, where more than 1 million displaced people have sought refuge during the seven-month war.

Alex Ross11 May 2024 20:12

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