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General Election polls – live: Labour set to win more seats than 1997, forecast says



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Labour are on course to surpass Tony Blair’s landslide majority in 1997, according to YouGov’s first major poll of the general election campaign.

The pollsters’ MRP forecast, based on data from more than 58,000 people, suggests Sir Keir Starmer’s party will win a huge majority of 194, with some 422 seats, while the Conservatives could suffer their biggest loss since 1906, winning just 140 seats.

The poll – which came after Nigel Farage announced his intention to stand as an MP, in a blow to the Tories – also followed Redfield and Wilton’s second nationwide poll, of 10,000 people – which put the Tories on just 20 per cent, 26 points behind Labour.

Another mega-poll published over the weekend had earlier suggested that the Tories could win just 66 seats in parliament.

The result would be a Labour landslide, with Sir Keir Starmer’s party securing 476 MPs – a majority of 302 – once tactical voting has been taken into account.

This blog will keep track of every major poll released between now and the general election, and what it means for the parties.


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