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General election latest: Reform would reduce net migration to zero, says Farage



Nigel Farage is a “big wrecking ball” who is good at destruction but not at building anything new, Lord Hague claimed this morning. 

The former leader of the Conservative Party said Mr Farage’s return to the political front-line is a “big problem” for the Tories. 

It was suggested to Lord Hague that Mr Farage leading Reform could help the party take more votes away from the Tories. 

He told Times Radio: “It is a big problem, I think for the Conservative Party, although if the Farage campaign really got going it would take votes from the Labour Party as well but more from the Conservatives.

“So that is a problem… Nigel Farage is like a big wrecking ball in politics really and it is fascinating to watch a wrecking ball, isn’t it. 

“Which building is it going to bring down next, which masonry is going to collapse next? And everytime you think it has gone away it comes back and knocks down another building. But there is no building, there is no putting anything new in place.” 

Lord Hague claimed that Mr Farage was “always achieving something very destructive”.

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