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Finally, warm weather! Here’s the exact date that the UK will bask in 20C heat this week



With hail, flood warnings and even a smattering of snow, this April’s weather in the UK has been bitterly disappointing. Temperatures have been particularly chilly over the last couple of weeks, but as we move into May, we might finally be able to hang up our hats and scarves. 

Things will start to warm up across the country from Wednesday. According to the Met Office, temperatures over the upcoming bank holiday weekend will be ‘generally above average for the time of year’. The north west of England is set to get the driest, warmest weather, reaching up to 20C. Positively balmy. 

Amy Bokota, senior Met Office meteorologist, said: ‘Temperatures have been below average for the last couple of weeks, so certainly by the time we get to Wednesday, and probably into next weekend, temperatures will be warmer.

‘It might not be the sort of glorious sort of heatwave that we’re hoping for… but there probably will be some more pleasant and warmer weather for some people as we head towards the end of the week.’

We’ll take whatever sun we can get. Check the most up-to-date forecast on the Met Office website here

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