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Europe’s ‘best budget city break’ where you can enjoy a beer for £3.20



On the banks of the Vistula River is ’s capital and biggest city, Warsaw, a destination which is steeped in history – but also one that experts say is the number one European city break for budget . Dubbed the Phoenix City, it’s a metropolis that is known for having risen from the ashes of .

Visitors can expect beautiful, old architecture at every turn, but with plenty of modern additions now a part of the city’s cultural tapestry.

According to experts from travel insurance firm Quotezone, it’s also the best budget-friendly city break destination in Europe.

The experts looked at the 12 most visited capital cities across Europe including Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Rome, and analysed the cost of tourist tax, hotels, dining and drinking and public transport.

Warsaw came out on top, with the experts highlighting that there is no tourist tax in place for visitors.

The research found the cheapest hotel prices starting at €45.60 (approximately £39.20) per night, and one-day public transport tickets costing just €1.02 (approximately £0.88).

When it comes to dining and drinking, the study shows that you can enjoy a meal for €9.30 (approximately £8) and a beer to go alongside your dinner for €3.72 (approximately £3.20). If you compare this with the UK’s capital city of London, where the average price of a pint in London is £5.90, Warsaw’s beer is noticeably the more purse-friendly option.

The experts also noted that the city is just 14.36 km away from the airport, and with such affordable public transport, getting to and from the city centre won’t make a vast dint in your budget.

Warsaw is a city where historic buildings and modern lifestyle are harmoniously blended, its landscape a fusion of Gothic churches, medieval first, Soviet apartment buildings, modern skyscrapers and beautiful parks. The Vistula River that cuts through the city also separates the old city and some of Warsaw’s more modern developments.

On the left bank, you will find the historic centre of Warsaw, which is a must-visit, having been granted UNESCO World Heritage Status in 1980. 

Buildings in the Old Town Square have been rebuilt to look like their original 15th and 16th Century designs. Łazienki Park is one of Warsaw’s main attractions which along with a vast stretch of green gardens is also home to the Royal Lazienki Museum. 

On the other side of the river, you will find the Palace of Culture and Science a notable high-rise building which houses theatres, cinemas, libraries and university faculties. 

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