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Election 2024 live updates: Kamala Harris edges ahead of Trump and Biden in new poll



Election 2024 live updates: Kamala Harris edges ahead of Trump and Biden in new poll

Donald Trump fearmongers over immigration on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show

A new poll shows Vice President Kamala Harris has a better shot than President Joe Biden at defeating Donald Trump in the 2024 election. The survey, conducted by the Democratic firm Bendixen & Amandi, shows Biden slightly behind Trump, 42 to 43 per cent, with Harris inching past the former president 42 to 41 per cent.

The eyes of the world are on Biden as he hosts the Nato summit in Washington DC amid concerns about his fitness to contest the election and serve another term in office and fresh calls for him to quit the 2024 race.

Meanwhile, Trump’s recent denial that he knows anything about Project 2025, a 900-page proposal by the Heritage Foundation think-tank for a radical reconfiguring of the US federal government to suit hard-line conservatives, has been ridiculed by one of his former Republican allies.

“This is preposterous if you look at the collaborators and the authors of this plan,” commented ex-Mike Pence adviser Olivia Troye on CNN, saying she sat in on those policy meetings.

Naming ex-Trump administration figures John McEntee, Stephen Miller, Ben Carson, and Ken Cuccinelli, Troye added that Trump knows that “the plan is so extreme that it is damaging to his possibility of getting elected”.


ICYMI: Harris avoids all mention of Biden campaign crisis while wooing Black voters

But, on Saturday, she clearly appeared ready to take on that role regardless as she hammered former president Donald Trump and sought to lay out the stakes of the election.

Oliver O’Connell9 July 2024 18:40


AOC backs Biden after speaking with president

“Joe Biden is our nominee, he is not leaving this race, he is in this race and I support him,” Ocasio-Cortez told a group of reporters outside of the Capitol.

The New York rep’s assertion comes as Democratic lawmakers scramble to find consensus on whether or not to support Biden, 81, as the presidential nominee.

Ariana Baio has the story.

Oliver O’Connell9 July 2024 18:30


How did late-night hosts react to Biden debate flub?

Maira Butt reports on what the big late-night talk show hosts had to say about Joe Biden’s prospects following the disastrous debate performance against “pathological liar” Donald Trump.

Oliver O’Connell9 July 2024 18:20


Trump wants to distance himself from far-right Project 2025 plan, his PAC has other ideas…

Project 2025’s 900-page manifesto for nearly every detail of a second Trump presidency was drawn up by more than a dozen former Trump administration officials and advisers, who have planned to “integrate” the document into the campaign’s platform in the coming months.

Alex Woodward has the details.

Oliver O’Connell9 July 2024 18:05


Kamala Harris pulls ahead of Joe in Trump matchup, but someone else does better…

A new poll shows Vice President Kamala Harris has a better shot than President Joe Biden at defeating Donald Trump in the 2024 election — but someone else has the edge on both of them, as Gustaf Kilander reports.

Oliver O’Connell9 July 2024 17:50


‘Big boy press conference’?

In Monday’s White House press briefing, John Kirby, the White House’s national security communications adviser, raised eyebrows with his choice of phrase – coming at a time when the embattled president is facing growing calls to quit the 2024 race.

Joe Sommerlad reports on this completely unforced error as the world questions the physical and mental abilities of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…

Oliver O’Connell9 July 2024 17:40


Rubio tries to put distance between Project 2025 and Trump

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a possible contender for Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick, went to bat for the former president on Sunday by trying to distance the presumptive Republican nominee from Project 2025.

“Think tanks do think tank stuff they come up with ideas, they say things,” Rubio told CNN’s State of the Union when asked if he was “comfortable” with the policies outlined in the project headed by the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Oliver O’Connell9 July 2024 17:20


‘Uneasiness’ permeates White House as Biden enters critical week

Gustaf Kilander reports from Washington, DC.

Oliver O’Connell9 July 2024 17:00


Watch: NATO summit test for Biden

Oliver O’Connell9 July 2024 16:40


What has Biden said to Democrat lawmakers?

President Joe Biden attempted to head off calls for him to step aside with a defiant letter to congressional Democrats on Monday, in which he says exiting the race would be an affront to democracy.

Andrew Feinberg filed this report from the White House.

Oliver O’Connell9 July 2024 16:30

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