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East Sussex: Company awarded best small business name in Britain



A company in East Sussex has been handed the title of Britain’s best small business name.

Locksmiths Surelock Homes in Hastings has beaten the likes of Manchester’s Tikka Chance On Me and Fife’s Prints Charming to claim the title and £2,500 cash prize.

More than 2,500 people voted for their favourite name in the competition, launched by insurance provider Simply Business, after comedian Darren Walsh selected the shortlist.

Surelock Homes owner Matt Triboulliard said: “Almost on a daily basis a member of the public will make a comment or take a picture of the vehicle and it’s brought in untold amounts of work.”

Other businesses that made the top 10 include Newport dog groomers Furry Godmother, waste cleaners Lord of the Bins in Brighton, Chester embroidery shop Thready or Knott, and equestrian shop Top of the Clops in Somerset.

Mr Triboulliard said: “I never expected to win and I’m so proud to have won from such an awesome list of business names.”

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