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Dalby Shoppingworld: Queensland woman kicked out of shopping centre over her outfit



A young woman has been kicked out of a shopping centre for ‘breaking the law’ by showing her midriff. 

Madison Green, 20, was buying groceries for her grandmother at Dalby Shoppingworld in the Western Downs region of south-east Queensland when she was confronted by a female security guard who ordered her to leave. 

Footage of the confrontation showed the security guard telling Ms Green that she could see her stomach because of the black crop top she was wearing. 

‘What’s your issue?’ a confused Ms Green is heard asking. 

‘I can see your stomach,’ the security guard shoots back.  

Madison Green (pictured left) was confronted by a security guard (pictured right) at a mall over her outfit

Ms Green demanded answers.

‘How come there’s a store in here that sells clothing like this but I can’t wear it in here?’ she pointed out

The security guard replied by saying she needed to wear clothing that covered her midriff. 

‘Any clothing that covers your whole stomach,’ she said. 

When asked by a man who is heard off camera why that was the case, the security guard said: ‘Because that’s the law.’ 

Ms Green pointed out another woman in the clip who walked by wearing a sports top who was also showing her torso. 

‘She’s not wearing a top,’ Ms Green exclaimed. 

The security guard claimed she saw Ms Green first. 

‘You’re a smart ‘a*** and now you can leave,’ she said.

The security guard was then seen following Ms Green to a Woolworths supermarket. 

Ms Green claims that the security guard also threatened to call police and ban her from the shopping centre. 

The ‘intimidating’ ordeal left Ms Green ‘annoyed’ and shaken and she has since complained about the incident to shopping management.

‘I know for a fact that I’m allowed to wear these things, it’s 2024, I don’t see any issue with it whatsoever,’ she told Nine News 

Ms Green (pictured) said she raised the matter with the management of the shopping mall following the incident

A spokesperson for Dalby Shoppingworld confirmed that Ms Green was not in breach of any clothing rules.

‘Centre management has apologised to the patron and has been in discussion with the contracted security company and requested that they review their procedures to make sure their staff have appropriate training,’ the spokesperson said. 

‘This particular security officer involved won’t be assigned to Dalby Shoppingworld in future.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Dalby Shoppingworld for further comment.  

Ms Green was at the Dalby Shoppingworld mall (pictured) to buy groceries for her grandmother when she was confronted

Ms Green was at the Dalby Shoppingworld mall (pictured) to buy groceries for her grandmother when she was confronted

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