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‘Clarkson’s Farm’ Unseats ‘Baby Reindeer’ At Top Of UK TV Streaming Ratings Pile As Amazon Series Looks Set For More Record-Breaking



UK viewers have shifted their attention from reindeers to Diddly Squat.

The third season of Prime Video‘s Clarkson’s Farm is on track to break a fair few records for streaming viewing in Britain after the show was watched by more people in its first 48 hours than any other series across the whole of last week, according to Barb data supplied by

Clarkson’s Farm episodes have taken the top four places atop Barb’s VoD ratings chart from Baby Reindeer. As of Sunday, the most-watched ep had been viewed by 3.7M people, with 3M watching the second and around 2M watching both the third and fourth apiece, demonstrating the series’ bingeability.

The next seven spots on the list were occupied by Netflix breakout Baby Reindeer, with the highest show for a UK broadcaster being ITVX drama Red Eye in 12th.

For context, the most-watched linear series on Sunday was BBC One’s new natural history series Mammals, which drew 3.1M.

Clarkson’s Farm Season 3 is therefore looking a strong favorite to beat the ratings record its second season set last year after its first seven days, when the premiere was watched by 4.3M viewers on TV sets, the most-watched for an original show in the UK since the country’s ratings body started collecting data for major streaming services.

In Season 3, Clarkson and his farm hands face daunting challenges. The crops are failing in the severe hot weather, inflation has driven prices of supplies sky high, dreams for the beloved restaurant are dashed and the farm shop also faces closure. Speaking to The Guardian last week, Clarkson explained that critiques he has made in the past over areas such as global warming were a “comic creation.”

Despite a will-they-won’t-they period last year during which Amazon was rumored to be canceling Clarkson’s Farm over the now-infamous Meghan Markle rant, Season 4 is now very much happening. Clarkson’s Farm is produced by Expectation.

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