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Authentic croissants should be straight not curved, says top chef



Alastair Unite, from New York Bakery Co, said: “As a brand synonymous with the best bagel shops and delis in New York, we’re on a mission to champion authenticity.

“That’s why we’ve teamed up with David Atherton as the nation’s chief authenticity expert.

“Our bagel know-how, combined with his baking expertise, means together we can show people what to look for when buying bagels as well as other favourite foods such as pizza, pasties and pies.

“Bagels are an absolute breakfast favourite, but not all bagels are created equal.

“Among the factors to consider are history and heritage – bagels are synonymous with New York.

“Then there are iconic flavours and the baking method (think boiled and baked) to provide top-tier texture – as David said, that golden crust, generous taste and chew.

“Our message is clear: if it isn’t a New York bagel, it isn’t a bagel. There is no substitute.”

Some 46 per cent of Brits would like to travel to Italy to try an authentic pizza and 31 per cent want to visit New York to try a famous bagel.

Mr Unite added: “This campaign proves how Brits want to eat authentic quality food. We’ve developed this handy guide to help remind shoppers what to look out for.”

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