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Australia’s ‘best kept secret’ lands in the UK



It’s not unusual for people from aboard to fall in love with “Australia’s best kept secret” —chicken salt — but one reality star has taken it to a new level.

David ‘Temps’ Templer, from the UK reality show Made In Chelsea, stunned his co-stars when he revealed his latest venture. He is bringing Australia’s beloved chicken salt to his home soil.

“I finally perfected the recipe, we’re just working on the branding,” he revealed in an episode of the show.

“Everywhere you go in Australia, they’ve got chicken salt. So I thought, ‘Do you know what? I’m bringing it.”

He then went on to joke that he was a “Bondi boy”. The packaging of the Temps Tastes Co boasts that chicken salt is “Australia’s best kept secret”.

With the 2021 census revealing that 165,000 Australians live across the UK, the reaction to the news has been huge.

“Thank you, I got mine on Saturday, it tastes fantastic. Put it on my roasties before, during and after cooking,” one said.

Another added: “It’s a game changer. Love it. Quick delivery also.”

“OMG! CHICKEN SALT just got given a big promo on tonight’s Made In Chelsea (with props to Australia),” one social media user posted on Reddit.

“A cast member has plans to import it and make it a part of the UK foodie scene. As an Aussie in the UK, I’m so happy *but* I don’t want a Chelsea boy to get rich off it.”

Others talked about how much they missed chicken salt, saying; “I literally tell people in UK about chicken salt all the time and now you’ve created it! Proud of you.”

One said: “Oh man, when I was abroad all I missed was chicken salt and meat pies.”

“Umm … I assumed that the UK would have had chicken salt already. This is just another of those things that they invent and then lose at … Like cricket but this time it’s hot chips,” another social media user commented.

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