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Tonight’s new moon in Taurus brings some seriously positive cosmic energy



A new moon marks a new beginning, and this one is all about the good vibes. May brings a new moon in Taurus, which is all about feeling a renewed sense of enthusiasm, and a real zest for life (like we said, good vibes only).

“This is a new moon with some seriously positive cosmic energy,” Emma Howarth, GLAMOUR UK’s resident astrologer and author of The Astrology Almanac, tells us.

“It’s perfect for setting intentions and deciding what you REALLY want to bring into your life. Taurus is a sign that relishes indulgence, investment (especially in ourselves!) and self care – so it’s a good time to pull focus and start to push forwards with something that matters to you.”

What is a new moon?

A new moon occurs when the sun and moon align at the same star sign – which this month is tonight, 7 May 2024, in Taurus – and is when the moon is right between the earth and the sun, which makes it barely visible. In astrology, new moons often mark a time of manifestation and goal-setting, so tonight is the night to set some intentions.

But what exactly will this new moon bring for you? Emma gives the lowdown for each zodiac sign, below…


This new moon is all about self-worth for Aries. Are you aiming high? Could you aim higher? It’s time to show the world you mean business.

Set an intention: to level up your life.


It’s all about living life on your own terms and investing in Project You. Use the power of the new moon in your sign to call in the best ever version of yourself.

Set an intention: to change your story to match your vision.


Take some time out if you can this new moon. It’s all about healing and closure for you, Gemini, and that could mean big feelings. Be brave enough to open a new door that excites you.

Set an intention: to release yourself from the past.


Network like your future depends on it this new moon, Cancer. Connections are key right now and you have the power to gather a crowd. Your people are out there, ready and waiting.

Set an intention: to put yourself out there more.


It’s all about career for Leo this new moon. If you’re ready to level up, aim higher or strike out on your own now might be the perfect time to take the first step.

Set an intention: to push yourself forwards.


Ready for an adventure? This is the perfect new moon to set travel wheels in motion for Virgo. Make a plan, follow your curiosity and seek inspiration wherever you go.

Set an intention: to explore something new.


This could be a transformative new moon for Libra. If you’re ready to make a change, face a demon or leave the old you behind now is the time.

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