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The North West’s top holiday destinations revealed – how did Cumbria fare?



The biggest pull is its simplicity. Pack up the car – and kids – and head to wherever you fancy. Preferably quiet and green.

But where is best? Well, people will agree to disagree on this, but the general consensus is somewhere up north (no bias here, honestly).

So with that, we bring you the North West’s top holiday destinations to visit this summer.

Experts at Together Travel analysed data from the latest Visit Britain Domestic Sentiment Tracker, which revealed 41% of people who said they’d like to holiday in the region would stay in Cumbria.

Greater Manchester came second with 27% and Merseyside third with 17%.

North West’s top holiday destination this summer:

  1. Cumbria (inc. The Lake district) 41%
  2. Greater Manchester 27%
  3. Merseyside (e.g. Liverpool, Wirral) 17%
  4. Lancashire (e.g. Blackpool, Lancaster, Blackburn) 13%
  5. Cheshire 8%
  6. Don’t know/Not sure 2%

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Zak Ali, from Together Travel who analysed the data, said: “It’s great to see so many people planning to enjoy their summer in the UK.

“The UK has so much to offer from rolling hills, to bustling forests, to picturesque beaches, to ancient castles and cities.

“So many people tie going on holiday with going abroad, and that shouldn’t be the case. Why hop on a plane for 4 hours when you can explore such beauty on your own doorstep?

“In fact, when asked why they’d rather holiday in the UK than abroad, 53% of people said because it’s easier to plan, 48% said because it’s cheaper, and 40% said because it’s a quicker journey to your holiday destination.”

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