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The 10 Best CBD Vape Pens in the UK: Top Picks for 2024



#1 Blessed CBD – The Best CBD Vape Pens Overall Winner

If you’re looking for a high-quality CBD vape pen, we recommend going with Blessed CBD. This pen offers big hits if you want them, and smaller hits if you don’t feel like going large with your vaping. Each pen gets around 3,000 hits, and there’s a 400mg dosage for good, balanced strength. It’s leakproof and easy to work with.

You have options for mixed fruit and cherry flavors, and both are delicious, with a great mouthfeel and no unpleasant aftertaste. The terpenes in these vapes are absolutely outstanding. BlessedCBD has an excellent Trustpilot rating, and the prices are great, with discounts if you take a membership and even bigger savings for three-pack and six-pack bundles.


·Excellent prices.

·Tasty terpenes and great flavor.

·Awesome big hits.

·Value for money.


·Limited flavor selection.

#2 Vibes CBD – The Best CBD Vape Pens Runner-Up

Vibes is our next top choice for an epic CBD vape pen that delivers on its promise of tasty terpenes and amazing flavor. The hits from the vape device are great, and you can take small sips on the pen or blow big clouds; it’s up to you.

The disposable device is easy to manage for beginners, and there’s a great range of flavors to suit your taste. It’s an affordable brand, and you get decent mg strength with the pen, making it a good choice for beginners and experienced vapers. The leakproof design makes it easy to manage.


·Good flavor range.

·Decent strength.

·Excellent vaping control for beginners and experienced vapers.

·Good pricing.


·Could use a high-strength option.

#3 Supreme CBD – The Best Disposable CBD Vape Pen

Supreme CBD is our top choice for beginners and expert vapers looking for a disposable CBD vape pen. You might not get some of the extended hits that other devices in this review offer, but the brand makes up for it with a huge range of flavors.

These disposable pens come in 300mg and 1,500mg options, with up to 3,000 puffs each. The brand has a good reputation on social media, and the on-site reviews show customers are more than happy with these disposable pens. Experience hassle-free vaping and try one today.


·Good range of strengths.

·Excellent range of flavors.

·Convenient and easy to use.


·No refillable options.

·No full-spectrum options.

#4 Just CBD – The Best CBD Live Resin Vape Pen

Just CBD is a standout in this review for its live resin carts. These disposable vape pens are a different caliber, but they cost a fortune for the value you get with the pen. Unfortunately, it’s only available in 1,000 mg options, making it a bit heavy for beginners, and a bit underpowered for experienced vapers.

There’s a decent selection of flavors available, with Pineapple Express and Sour Diesel being some of the most popular options. If you’re looking for a high-quality pen alive with terpenes and natural herbal flavors, with no additives, then this is your go-to device.


·Live resin carts.

·Good selection of natural cannabis flavors.

·Good range of cannabinoids, including CBN and CBG.


·No broad-spectrum options.

·Could do with different mg strength options.


#5 CannaVape – The Best Pod-Style Refills for CBD Vape Pens

Cannavape is a great brand for vapers who want a reusable device. You have several kits available, and different reuseable carts to suit your needs. If you want to blow big clouds or take small hits, Cannavape has the device you need for your vaping experience.

Its CBD e-liquid vape cartridge selection is great, with options for big, powerful coils and refillable pods to keep you going throughout the day.



·Different carts available.

·Selection of coils and devices.


·Not ideal for beginners.

·Lacking in the flavor range.

·No high-strength option.

#6 CBD Oil King – The Best Full-Spectrum CBD Vape Pen

CBD Oil King is a great choice for vapers looking for full-spectrum CBD vapes and a great selection of disposable devices. It’s a bit expensive, considering the volume of each pen and the price, but there are plenty of flavor options and different disposable devices available.

We love the Orange County Broad Spectrum distillate vapes, which are something different and very tasty. The wide spectrum Endflo vapes feature an assortment of cannabinoids and 700 puffs each.


·Kits and disposables available.

·Great full-spectrum selection.



·Could be better in the flavor range.

#7 British Cannabis – The Best Terpene Flavours in Vape Pens

If flavor is your game you’ll love the distillate terpenes in the British Cannabis range. This brand has an amazing range from Strawberry OG Kush to Island Zkittlez, and much more. It’s a vapers paradise for anyone who prioritizes tasty vapes and on par with premium US brands like CBDfx.

They have a decent selection of CBD e-liquids with different strengths and flavors to satisfy your taste buds. The vapes are expensive, but it’s worth paying a premium if you enjoy the flavor.


·Great range of flavors.

·E-liquids available.



·No refillable devices.

#8 CBDfx – The Best CBD Vape Pen Puffer Device

This leading American brand is a great choice for CBD vapers looking for a premium disposable vape pen. CBDfx is well-known for its quality, and that comes through in its range. CBDfx might be super expensive, but if you’re looking for top-shelf quality, this is your brand.

CBDfx offers user-friendly vape pens with easy activation for a user-friendly vaping experience. The mg strength is a bit on the higher side, so it’s not a great choice for newbies, but it makes up for it with terpenes and flavor.


·User-friendly device.

·Tasty flavors and terpenes.



·Could use a wider flavor range.

#9 Hemprove – The Best CBD Vape Pen Device Range

If you’re looking for a disposable or a refillable vape pen, you’ll find it at Hemprove. This company has a vape device for every need, with a wide selection of devices for all levels of experience.

We like the Infused Amphora range for easy use, and there’s even the rechargeable dab rig for isolates. However, there isn’t much flavor choices or available e-liquids.


·Amazing range of vaping devices.

·Pens and dab rigs available.

·Disposable and reusable options.


·Pricing could be better.

·Limited range of e-liquids.

#10 Dr Watson CBD – The Best CBD Vape Juice Range

DrWatson is a great choice for premium vape liquid and rechargeable vape devices. There are plenty of options for CBD e-liquid, with strengths ranging from 300mg to 5,000mg. This CBD vape juice is high-quality, and there’s a range of devices on the site to suit your vaping requirements.


·Great range of CBD e-liquids.

·Premium vaping device.



·The Big Hit device tends to run out of e-liquid fast.

What We Considered When Assessing the Best CBD Vape Pen Brands

The Type of CBD – Understanding Broad-Spectrum CBD Vs. Full-Spectrum CBD

CBD distillate and CBD isolate are the purest forms of CBD, with no trace amounts of THC. A broad-spectrum CBD juice will also contain no THC because it derives from the hemp plant. Full-spectrum CBD juices may contain a maximum of 0.3% THC.

While there are trace amounts of THC present, they have no psychoactive effects. However, full-spectrum CBD products made from the cannabis plant have a better range of cannabinoids and terpenes that create an “entourage effect.”

Strength & Flavours

Vape pens, pods., and liquids come in different strengths defining how much CBD is in the e-liquid. Beginners should start with lower milligram counts per ml. Most brands offer options for different flavors and cannabidiol terpenes to suit your taste. 

Pen Design & Delivery System

Choose the pen design that suits your lifestyle requirements. A disposable CBD vape pen is highly convenient and has single-use; you throw it away when it’s finished. Check the product listing to see how many puffs you get from the pen and compare brands. More puffs mean a more cost-effective device. If you’re buying a vape pen kit, ensure it comes with a charger so you can recharge the device when the battery gets low.

Third-Party Lab Testing

The top brands in our review all use third-party testing with independent labs to verify the purity of the vape juice in their vape pens. Check the official website for the certificate of analysis (COA). These lab reports show if there are any contaminants in the e-liquid and how pure the CBD is.

Lab testing is essential since the CBD market is unregulated. High-quality brands will have the data available. Avoid using vape products with additives. Look for companies offering pure CBD products with COAs available on the site.

Reputation & Customer Reviews

Check social media to see what other people are saying about their experience with your prospective brand. Search them on Instagram and TikTok and watch a few videos or stories about the brand you’re interested in buying.

Price & Value

CBD vape pens vary in price and value. Look at how many puffs you get from the pen or pod in relation to the price tag when assessing the best value vape pens for your budget.

How Do I Use a CBD Vape Pen?

Most brands prioritize enhancing ease of use with their vape pen products. You have options for disposable pens where you simply push a button, and the pen releases CBD vapor. Other pens may allow refilling with CBD e-juice to reduce your ongoing vaping costs. It’s up to you how you want to enjoy your vaping experience.

The Benefits of CBD Vaping

Vaping CBD makes it highly bioavailable, giving the CBD direct access to your bloodstream through your lungs. Edibles like CBD gummies take longer to get into your system and offer a somewhat different CBD experience on your well-being, according to users. Vaping allows you to access the benefits of CBD faster than other delivery systems, and that may or may not be important to you.

How Is Vaping CBD Different from Smoking it? – Understanding CBD Vape Oil & Side Effects

The cannabinoids in CBD products are the same whether you’re vaping or smoking it. However, healthcare providers will likely tell you to avoid smoking anything. The effects of CBD on your health are beneficial, but there is a risk with vaping or smoking anything. While the vaping experience seems healthier than smoking, that might not be the case.

Vaping juices and e-liquids feature formulations with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which might not be good for your lungs. It won’t change the desired effects, but supplementing with tinctures might be a better strategy for the desired effects of CBD if you’re concerned about the effects vapes have on your lungs.

Wrapping Up

There are many CBD vaping products on the market in the UK. Our list gives you the ten best options available in the country. You have options for disposables, refillable vapes, and a range of vape juices. Choose the CBD vaping product that matches your wellness goals and budget, and enjoy the soothing and calming benefits of vaping CBD.

The 10 Best CBD Vape Pens in the UK – FAQs

Q: Who can benefit from vaping CBD? Is there an age restriction on these products?

A: The law states people below 18 can’t use vape products. Vaping CBD can benefit adults of all ages who struggle with a variety of wellness issues.

Q: Does vaping CBD make me high like THC vapes?

A: No. CBD is a wellness product. Even full-spectrum CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC. You won’t feel “high” like you would with THC products.

Q: Is it legal to carry a CBD vape pen around with me while I’m away from home?

A: Yes. CBD is not a banned substance and not illegal in the UK since it contains no THC. You can use your vape pen in public spaces, provided you observe the smoking and vaping laws.


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