Friday, March 1, 2024
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U.S. lawmakers are trying to bar Chinese biotech companies over fears about America’s failure to compete with China in the industry

U.S. lawmakers are raising alarms about what they see as America’s failure to compete with China in biotechnology, warning of the risks to U.S....

Companies chop more than 100 East Bay workers as job cutbacks widen

SAN RAMON — Two companies have disclosed plans to chop well over 100 jobs in a new round of employment cutbacks affecting workers in...

Synthetic biology meets fashion in engineered silk

BYLINE: Shawn Ballard Newswise — Scientists have long been intrigued by the remarkable properties of spider silk, which is stronger than steel yet incredibly...

Tech, biotech job cuts mount with fresh burst of Bay Area layoffs

Tech and biotech job cuts have widened in the Bay Area with a fresh batch of layoffs being revealed by companies in the crucial...

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