Friday, December 8, 2023

Stefanos Tsitsipas looking at life beyond tennis

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The 24-year-old has fast made a name for himself in the tennis world, already having featured in two grand slam finals, scooped nine ATP titles including two Masters 1000 events and risen to number three in the world.

Tstisipas, who nearly drowned as a teenager while swimming in the sea, continues to show wisdom beyond his years, as is evident in Netflix’s new tennis showcase,
Break Point.

“I don’t want to waste a single day of my life being stagnant or staying still and not elevating myself through experiences,” said the former NextGen champion.

“I have a fear of missing out and I don’t want people to know me only for my tennis. Life is about adventures, life is about creating beautiful memories.

“I want to have a broader, bigger empire than just tennis. I’ve explored the filmmaking part of what I am capable of and what stories I want to tell. Music allowed me to express something else.

“I would like to give people the ability to dream and not be afraid. And the only way you can get to this place is by seeking discomfort and letting yourself free.”

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