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Oxford ranked 10th best UK city in the world based on GDP, governance and more



The Oxford Economics Global Cities Index 2024 compares cities across the world based on five factors – economics, human capital, quality of life, environment and governance.

There are 21 UK cities in the top 200, including Oxford, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, but only five make the top 100.

All the UK cities were ranked 72nd for governance but their scores in the other four categories varied wildly.

See their full list here.

Oxford – 10th

Oxford ranks 130th in the Oxford Economics Global Cities Index and is the 10th highest-placed UK city in the table.

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It ranks 175th for ‘economics’, 167th for ‘human capital’, 163rd for ‘quality of life’ and 294th for ‘environment’.

The economics score takes into account GDP, among other things.

The human capital score is calculated using factors including population growth and educational attainment; the quality of life rankings take into account life expectancy, housing expenditure and recreation and cultural sites, among other factors; and the environment score is calculated using factors such as air quality, rainfall and temperature.

Where won?

Leading the rankings in 2024 is New York, followed by London.

Both cities perform best in the Economics and Human Capital categories, unsurprising given their roles as global hubs for finance, business, and education. New York has the largest metro economy in the world, and London has the fourth largest.

Similarly, both cities have among the most universities and corporate headquarters offices, again emphasising their global relevance in the worlds of business and education.

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