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Meghan Markle was humiliated by top fashion designer who prefers to work with another Royal



Renowned British fashion designer, Julien Macdonald, recently made headlines after expressing his preference for working with Princess Kate and Queen Camilla over Meghan Markle. In a candid statement, Macdonald revealed that he does not want the Duchess of Sussex to be associated with his brand, signaling a significant blow for Meghan in the fashion industry.

Known for dressing celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, and Naomi Campbell, Macdonald’s decision to distance himself from Meghan Markle comes as a surprise. His close relationship with Queen Camilla was evident as he shared that she occasionally seeks fashion advice from him. In fact, the designer had previously collaborated with Camilla for a fundraising event in support of the National Osteoporosis Society, of which she is the president.

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During this year’s Fragrance Foundation Awards in London, Macdonald openly expressed his admiration for Queen Camilla, stating, “I’ve got a great relationship with Camilla, the Queen. She’s incredible. She does [ask for tips] every now and then.” His fondness for the royal did not stop there, as he also mentioned his desire to dress the Princess of Wales, emphasizing, “I’d love to dress her because she is amazing.”

Macdonald’s remarks shed light on his clear preference for working with members of the royal family, particularly those with whom he shares a personal connection. His admiration for Queen Camilla and his expressed desire to dress the Princess of Wales highlight the significance he places on these royal associations.

Macdonald’s bold statement: Meghan not welcome in my brand

Meghan Markle’s exclusion from Macdonald’s list of preferred clients reflects a potential setback for her in the fashion industry. As a designer with a notable clientele and strong ties to the royal family, his decision carries weight within the fashion community. It underscores the challenges Meghan may face in securing partnerships within the industry, particularly with designers who hold similar sentiments.

Overall, Macdonald’s statement serves as a reminder of the complexities and nuances within the fashion world, where personal relationships and preferences can significantly impact collaborations. Meghan’s future endeavors in the fashion industry may encounter obstacles as she navigates the landscape of designer partnerships and brand associations.

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