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Mariemont High School plot: Teen detained, no charges announced for adult

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No charges have been announced for the man accused of communicating with a Mariemont teen about allegedly planning an attack on his school.

The teen remains detained at the Hamilton County Youth Center pending his next hearing on Feb. 21.

Defense team: Mariemont HS student in mass shooting plot has ‘mental health challenges’

Prosecutor: Mariemont student had hit list of 8 students, teacher to kill

News: Read texts from Mariemont High School student charged in mass shooting conspiracy

Here’s what we know about the alleged plot:

What prosecutors say

The 14-year-old was arrested Wednesday after another Mariemont High School student reported his plan to authorities, prosecutors said. The Enquirer is not naming the teen due to his age.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers released a series of texts between the teen and a 20-year-old man.

She said the teen had a list of students and teachers to kill and planned to access a gun from his home.

The 14-year-old in question has been charged as a juvenile with conspiracy to commit aggravated murder. Powers said her office will seek to have the case sent to adult court, where he would face a maximum sentence of life in prison with a chance of parole after 35 years.

Powers said she believed the plot was going to be carried out and that the teen admitted to having to the plan.

What texts say

In the portion of the texts released by prosecutors, it appears the teen believed the man would carry out the attack and the teen was providing names to the man.

The teen repeatedly asks when the man is going to carry about the attack. The teen tells the man he prefers not to be at school when it happens.

The teen says he wants to gas the school, kill some people then “kidnap the attractive ones.”

In the last exchange released by prosecutors, the teen tells the man he can’t go with him.

“I’m screwed if you can’t go with me,” the man replies.

The texts released by prosecutors occurred between Jan. 13 and 18.

What defense attorneys say

In a rare statement, the Hamilton County Public Defender’s Office said the teen has “significant mental health challenges” and has autism spectrum disorder.

The defense team said the teen did not have access to any firearms and was “impressionable” to the “predatory behavior” of an adult.

The team said charging the teen as an adult does nothing to further public safety and is “against everyone’s interest.”

Where is Mariemont High School?

Mariemont High School sits just east of Cincinnati. About 500 students attend the school, which scores well in state testing.

The village of Mariemont is less than a square mile and is home to about 3,500 people.

Where is the adult?

Colorado Springs Police Public Relations Manager Ira Cronin told Enquirer media partner Fox19 that the police department and the Denver FBI have made contact with the adult and are keeping the individual on their radar.

As of Monday morning, no charges had been filed against him against him in Hamilton County. If the man is charged, it is unclear who might file those charges. Mariemont police, authorities local to the man and federal authorities would have to determine who has the appropriate jurisdiction.

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