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Mahadev Betting App Case: Accused Aseem Das Writes 10-Page Letter To ED Director Seeking Reinvestigation

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In the Mahadev betting app case, the accused Aseem Das, who was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) with 15 crore rupees cash, has penned a 10-page letter to the ED Director, urging a reinvestigation of his case. In his letter, Das demanded an inquiry against the ED officials who were involved in his arrest and investigation. In his handwritten letter, Das claims that he is being framed by Subham Soni and ED officials. He insists that he is not a courier boy and has no connections with Baghel, Verma, or any Congress leader.

According to Das’s letter, Subham Soni has recently relocated from Dubai to Amsterdam or London. He states that Soni told him during a meeting that his visa was soon to expire and his task,and his tasks there were complete. and on November 5th, he moved to London or Amsterdam.

Das’s meeting with ‘childhood’ friend in Dubai

Accused Das describes Soni as his childhood friend with whom he played cricket. Later, Soni became one of the key figures behind the Mahadev app. On October 10th, Das visited Dubai at Soni’s invitation. During the visit, Soni’s associates showcased the vibrant lifestyle of Dubai, leaving Das impressed. However, in this visit, he did not meet Soni and returned to India. A few days later, Soni called him, sent a ticket for October 25th, and once again called him to Dubai. This time, Das met Soni, who promised assistance in his construction business in Chhattisgarh. Soni assured him that he would receive the money upon reaching Raipur airport. He told Das that in a few years, he would become a prominent figure and assured him that they would shift to Europe when the time comes.

Das further claims in his application that during their conversation, when he inquired about the ED investigation related to the Mahadev app, Soni alleged that Ravi Uppal and Chandrakar are the real promoters. Soni purportedly explained that they bribed and managed one of the top officers, Mishra, to settle the issue. He advised Das to start his construction business and assured him of financial support as a friend. According to Das, he didn’t understand the conspiracy planned by Soni at that time.

When Das was about to leave Dubai, Soni’s associates gave him an Apple phone to communicate with Soni. He was informed that a black Innova car had been booked for him, and it would be waiting at Raipur airport to take him to the Trident Hotel. His room was already booked. When he reached the hotel then he received a call instructing him to collect the money. The person on the other side instructed him to go to the roadside and open the car door. A few minutes later, a biker arrived with a bag filled with notes and placed the cash in the back seat of the Innova. The biker also gave him a phone. He was told to use this phone for further communication. A few minutes later, several more bags were transferred to the back seat of the car. The next instruction he received was to park the cash-loaded car on the hotel premises and then go to his room.

ED officers forcefully took my signature: Das

Das alleges in his letter that ED officials were also involved in framing him with Subham Soni. According to his allegations, when he reached his hotel room, shortly after, an ED officer entered and stated that everything had been recovered. The officer asked him to come with them to sign the statement, mentioning that they had already prepared his statement. Accompanying the officer, he went to the parking lot where two more ED officials were present. They forcefully took his signature on their statement and confiscated the cash he had received a few minutes earlier.He explained that this cash he received from Soni to start his business. However, they did not listen to him and arrested him.

Das demanded an investigation. He urges that his call data records be recovered to clarify how he received instructions to collect the cash. Additionally, he demands the recovery of CCTV footage from the road to identify the biker who delivered the cash. Das insists on identifying and interrogating the biker, believing that it will reveal the truth. He also requests an investigation into the video clip he received on his Apple phone, which already contained Subham Soni’s video. This inquiry aims to determine when the video was sent to frame him.

According to Das, after entering jail, he was surprised to read news related to him in the newspaper. Das alleges that the newspapers falsely claimed he was bringing the seized cash to Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, which he denies. He believes he is being trapped in a massive conspiracy.

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