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London named best tech city for second year in a row



London has been named the best city in the world to create, develop and deploy technology, according to a new index.

The latest Smart Centres Index from the commercial think tank Z/Yen has placed the UK capital at the top for the second time in a row after it overtook New York last year.

The US powerhouse dropped to third in the latest ranking, with Zurich rising to second place.

The rest of the top five was also made up of British cities, with Oxford and Cambridge ranked fourth and fifth place respectively.

Other cities in the top 10 include San Francisco, Singapore and Tel Aviv.

The index looks at the support available for innovation, the extent to which innovative technology and industries are “embedded” in the local economy and the quality of work being undertaken in the region.

“Commercial centres across the world continue to promote innovation in technology and science,” said Michael Mainelli, the Lord Mayor of the City of London and chairman of Z/Yen.

The Smart Centres Index survey also looked at the areas of technology which were thought to have the most impact on industry over the next five years. Unsurprisingly, AI was the most common answer, representing a quarter of the responses.

“Our community’s focus on artificial intelligence, electronics, and energy technology as the developments likely to have most impact on industry over the next five years show the likely continued direction of travel,” Mainelli added.

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