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Living the Dream: New Guidebook FOLLOW TO UNFOLLOW Introduces Successful Method for Attracting and Retaining Real Instagram Followers

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Charleston, SC, March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the onset of digital marketing, entrepreneurs have come to recognize the influence of social media for building brand awareness. So when fitness enthusiast Carlos A. Salguero first started his personal training business, he, too, looked for creative ways to promote his services via social media. Born in Ecuador, Salguero moved to the United States as a child and through hard work and dedication built a career that combines his passion for fitness, marketing, and helping people. Now living the American dream after successfully harnessing the power of Instagram for his business, Salguero is sharing his hard-earned lessons with others with the publication of his own proven method for attracting and retaining Instagram followers.

In Follow to Unfollow, Salguero introduces his tried-and-true system for increasing Instagram account engagement. Through trial and error, he discovered a straightforward approach to increase his Instagram followers. Providing guidance on optimizing one’s Instagram account while also cautioning readers on the pitfalls of the platform, Salguero draws from years of networking experience as a promoter to help others cultivate a loyal following of their own. Follow to Unfollowis the perfect guidebook for anyone looking to widen their social media reach.

Follow to Unfollow is available for purchase online at

About the Author:

Carlos A. Salguero is a physical education and health teacher, CEO of his own personal fitness company VFT201 and entrepreneur. He holds a BS and MS in exercise science. Born in Cuenca, Ecuador, he immigrated to the United States at the age of eight. He lives in New Jersey. 

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