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Kendal Calling named among top 10 most popular UK festivals



The festival ranks 10th in Vegas Gem’s latest study into the most searched UK festivals.

This study was based on the average number of monthly online searches related to 59 prominent UK festivals.

Glastonbury Festival came out on top with an impressive 398,904 average monthly searches.

However, Kendal Calling’s popularity is evident in its strong standing, with 42,403 average monthly searches confirming its position in the top ten rankings.

The report, carried out by sweepstake casino site Vegas Gems, used a seed list of 59 major UK festivals.

A complex methodology entailing nine different search terms such as ‘[festival] festival setlist’, ‘[festival] lineup’, and ‘[festival] tickets’ was designed to provide the most comprehensive data.

The average number of monthly searches for each festival was calculated using data from Google Keyword Planner, and the festivals were then ranked from highest to lowest search numbers.

A spokesperson for Vegas Gems, Josh Lingenfelter, said: “The start of summer also signals the beginning of the festival season, with over 1,000 festivals taking place across the UK every year.

“In 2022, around 6.5 million people attended festivals, and last year, it was reported that the UK festival industry was worth a staggering £3.8billion.

“This study reveals which festivals are the most popular in the UK by calculating the average number of monthly searches.

“It may be no surprise that Glastonbury came out on top; the festival has a capacity of 200,000 people, and tickets usually sell out within half an hour.

“Not only does this study outline the most popular festivals, it also shows us the most popular searches relating to each festival, including searches for lineups and setlists.”

The popularity of Glastonbury is no surprise, with two of the top searches including ‘Glastonbury’ and ‘Glastonbury Tickets’, with an average of 248,083 and 80,058 searches per month respectively.

Other top-ranking festivals included in the study were Download Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, Boardmasters, and All Points East.

Download averaged 96,348 searches per month, and Isle of Wight Festival, Boardmasters, and All Points East managed to attract 76,401, 75,590, and 65,193 average searches per month consecutively.

Despite the challenges faced by the festival industry in recent years due to recurring covid-19 restrictions, UK music festivals continue to thrive.

This research underscores the enduring love the UK public holds for these events and gives a unique insight into which festivals hold the most interest for people across the country.

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