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It’s without doubt the most popular workout right now – but is Pilates actually good for you?



Were there a music charts equivalent for fitness trends, we’d bet that Pilates workouts would be into their thirteenth (at least) consecutive week at number one. The trending exercise ranked in PureGym’s top 20 fitness trends for 2024 three times (wall Pilates nabbed the top spot, with mat Pilates in 14th place and reformer Pilates in 19th) and, at the time of writing, there are no less than 660k videos under the #Pilates hashtag on TikTok. Evidently, we’re a nation obsessed. But, for all its popularity, is Pilates good for you?

Obviously, what is and isn’t good for you – where fitness is concerned – is completely subjective. What makes one person feel powerful and energised may pose a serious injury risk to someone else. However, with it dominating so much discussion in the wellness sphere (when was the last time you scrolled your social apps without stumbling upon an aesthetic snap of a Pilates girlie getting her reps in at her local studio?), it’s important to double-check its credentials.

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