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iOS or Android: Which one is better for online slots? – NewsWatchTV

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Mobile online casino games have made it easier for people to access apps that allow them to place bets and play games from the comfort of their own homes.

Both Google Play (Android) and Apple (iOS) have set out regulations regrding mobile gambling. This means that some games do not offer access from certain countries based on local regulations, while other games are designed to specifically function on one operating system. Here are the differences between the Android and iOS systems to help you decide which one is better for mobile casino games. 

Android Mobile Casino Games

On the Google Play Store, you will find a majority of sweepstake games, as these games do not ask for real money deposits or pay out real money as a reward. The developers of these Android gambling games have put them in an APK format, which lets gamers access them easily. They have also created casino software and have uploaded it to their website for users to be able to use it. These Android games are great for entertainment purposes, without the chance to spend or win real money.

In countries such as Ireland and the United Kingdom, all Android casino games can be accessed on Google Play. However, because gambling is illegal in some parts of the United States, downloading real money mobile casino games with an Android phone is banned unless in one of the six states that currently allow online casinos to operate.

However, as online casinos have become more and more popular in states that allow them, like Pennsylvania, the top game providers have made sure that players will get the same thrilling online gambling experience from their Android mobile device as they would from a desktop (source: PA is one of the biggest online casino gaming states, and actually generates the second-most gaming revenue in the country behind only Nevada. 

So, this accessibility of casinos on Android is great news for the many Pennsylvanians who enjoy casino gaming, and these Android casinos are also available in big iGaming states like New Jersey and Delaware.

iOS Mobile Casino Games  

Apple is more in favor of real money gambling and caters to it. From the App Store, users can download mobile casino slot machine apps that can be used on iPads and iPhones.

Apple has proposed that developers create these casino games through iOS native programming languages instead. This will take time and affect how players get to use the apps, and with changes brought forth, the process of developing these games has become harder.

As a result of Apple’s changes to development of mobile casino games, most contractors have been switching to Android operating systems as it is much cheaper and easier to create. 

Reasons Why Android is Better for Slots

  • Accessibility: Many more operators are making slots for Android slot gamers, making them widely available. In comparison to Apple users, Android users can also wager on sports or horses but people with Apple devices cannot.
  • Variety: There is a wide variety of games available for people who play online slots using their phone, whether they pay or enjoy sweepstakes games. It is also quicker and much simpler to download any app from the Google App Store.
  • Diversity: The games are the same as online casinos based on websites, and Android users have a huge selection of slot apps to choose from.
  • Compatibility: The operating systems of both Android and iOS are considered the same but not all Android apps are designed to be run on Apple and therefore people with iPhones/iPads have fewer options to choose from when it comes to casino apps. 
  • Slot machine apps: A wider range of slot machine games can be downloaded. Apple users, however, won’t really have much variety in finding slot machine apps as many casino apps are made available to Android users.

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