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Hereford named among top three UK cities for this surprising reason



Hereford has been named as one of the best cities in the nation for homeowners who drive by online car retailer Cinch.

The study found that of the 412 properties listed for sale in Hereford, 91 per cent of the properties included parking spaces, making it the third most parking friendly city behind Ely and Truro.

According to Cinch, the availability of dedicated parking in the city could be responsible for increasing house prices.

It was claimed that the average asking price for a property outside of London was £403,432 but for those properties with parking, the average price increased to £410,696, a rise of 3.6 per cent.

Even in the cheapest location for homebuyers based on average asking price, Preston in Lancashire, there was a 7.5 per cent increase in the average value of a home with parking, compared to those without.


Sam Sheehan, motoring editor for Cinch, said: “Most people looking to buy a property will have a wish list: a good location, the right amount of space, and for many of us a dedicated parking space.

“With 50 million drivers across the UK, a parking space is a necessity for many homeowners. So much so that having parking listed with your property could increase the value by more than 50 per cent in some locations.”

“Being able to park your vehicle near or on your property is a necessity for many drivers. Not only does it mean easy access for luggage and kids, it also helps lower car insurance costs as the threat of vehicle crime is lower.

“With 75 per cent of adults in the UK holding a full driving license and only half of all properties offering private parking, we might see more new developments built with parking bays in future.

“From adding private driveways and garages, to wider roads that accommodate curbside parking, there’s clearly a demand for parking options around our homes.”

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