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‘He would kill me as fast as possible’: Teen speaks out after tipping police off to Mariemont HS shooting plot

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MARIEMONT, Ohio — “He said that if I told anyone about it, he would kill me as fast as possible.”

That’s what Boom Swallen says he was told by another student at Mariemont High School after that teen told Boom of his alleged school shooting plans.

Despite the threat to his own safety, the 15-year-old told his father, Zach Swallen, about the threat, allowing police to thwart the accused student.

Police arrested a 14-year-old Wednesday, and Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers said that teen had a hit list featuring at least eight students and one teacher. Powers said that teen was also conspiring with an out-of-state adult, who is between the ages of 22-24, to plan the shooting.

FBI looking for co-conspirator after shooting plot at Mariemont High School

Boom said he was in the Mariemont library when that other student came up to him and told him he had a “really dark secret.”

Boom said the student, who he didn’t know very well, confessed plans to kill dozens of people at Mariemont High School and Junior High. The 14-year-old also mentioned his kill list, Boom said.

“He just said some very disturbing stuff,” Boom said.

Boom said he immediately had to tell someone and that he did so because he cares about people.

“I do not want anyone at the school losing their lives because school shootings happen a lot,” Boom said.

Last week, Boom’s father called his son a “hero” for what he did.

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Zach Swallen also said he hopes the child who made the threat is able to get help from the right people and, hopefully, rebound from all of this one day.

“We’ve gotta love each other, we’ve got to do better as a society and just coming together and being there for kids who we all know are having a hard time or are going through things,” Zach Swallen said.

Powers is hoping to get the child bound over to adult court. He is charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, meaning if convicted as an adult, he could face life in prison. On Friday, the legal team for a 14-year-old said this stemmed from “predatory behavior” of his alleged co-conspirator.

While the accused teen is expected to be back in court on Feb. 21, the Mariemont High School community is working to move forward.

On Sunday, faith leaders, community members, faculty and students gathered for a prayer vigil outside the school.

Prosecutor: Teen plots shooting at Cincinnati-area school, another students tips off police

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